Morning Brew – First look at Queen Latifah in “Bessie”

Good morning! Happy Friday.

If you go to Saginaw Valley State University, you can take a class where watching Orange is the New Black is mandatory. Saginaw is where my parents live, so I’ll let you know there’s also a gay bar in town called The Mixx, but it’s only open on Fridays. 

There is a “tough lesbian with a heart of gold” in the new comic series Bitch Planet.


Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra looks to be exploring the relationship between Korra and Asami. After exchanging letters throughout the finale, they ended the series by walking together toward the spirit world, hand-in-hand. A lot of fans, though, were hoping for a little more commitment to Korrasami, like a kiss.


A lesbian cop is suing the city of Markham, Illinois for discrimination and homophobia she’s faced on the police force since joining in 2010.

Out artist Cat Staggs has a new Orphan Black clone comic book cover. This time, it’s Helena.


James Bond novelist Ian Fleming really knew how to woo the ladies. This is what his longtime “companion” Blanche Blackwell said of their meeting:

“The first time I met him, he came up to me and said, ‘I hope you’re not a lesbian.’ And I was kissed . . . passionately.”

Oh how I wish she would have said, “Actually…..”

Sarah Waters co-wrote a new show called The Frozen Scream, and it’s playing now at the Wales Millennium Centre. It’s got winter themes and lesbians!

Hemming (aka Candice from The Linda Perry Project) talks about her experience on the show and working on her debut album.

Rolling Stone spoke with Alison Bechdel about her next graphic novel.

Basketball coach Julie Shaw writes about having to come out constantly for Outsports. An excerpt:

I understand how some coaches may not be so ready to share their identity with everyone in their world. I always say when talking to coaches: So what is best for you. Not everyone feels the need to come out or share their personal life. The way that I dealt with wanting to be myself has been to always be honest when asked. I feel that this is how I would be with any other aspect of my life, and this should be no exception. This is what is comfortable for me.


Ashley Tisdale is returning to her show Young & Hungry as lesbian magazine editor Logan Rawlings for Season 2.


Spanish TV host Sandra Barneda came out during a broadcast of her show, Hable Con Ellas (Talk With Women). When asked, “‘If there was a nuclear holocaust, what couple, man and woman, would you choose to preserve and multiply the human species?” she answered:

“My partner, who is a woman and I won’t tell you her name, and the most handsome and fertile guy on Earth.”

That’s definitely a new way of doing it! Congrats Sandra.

This femme lesbian professor says her style icon is Olivia Pope. Well done!

A butch lesbian maternity line? IT EXISTS. It’s called Butchbaby & Co.

Essence has a first look at Queen Latifah as legendary queer singer Bessie Smith from her biopic, Bessie. The film will premiere on HBO next year. (There’s also a panel about the film featuring Queen and out director Dee Rees coming up next month at TCA, so I’ll have more scoop for you then!)



A church in Mobile, Alabama is helping to fundraise in support of a lesbian couple fighting an adoption lawsuitCari Searcy is suing the state for not allowing her second-parent adoption of her eight-year-old daughter, birthed by her partner and who Cari has raised since birth. Same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Alabama (yet), which is why they are allowed to discriminate, apparently.

Mary Lambert shares 10 records that changed her life.

Lea Delaria and Sandra Bernhard are friends. Oh to be a fly on the wall when they are together.

Tegan and Sara want you to wait! No, this is not an abstinence PSA.

Screaming Females have a new video for their song “Ripe,” directed by Lance Bangs.

Ugh! Why are so many dudes and couples trying to take over lesbian dating apps? This is why we can’t have nice things.

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