“Hollyoaks” has a scandalous new lesbian storyline

AfterEllen.com reader Laura tipped us off that there’s some lesbian crushing going on in her favorite UK soap, Hollyoaks. The character of Sarah Barnes, a model, has had her fair share of failed relationships (with men, that is). This week, it was reported that she will share an intimate connection with someone — Zoe Carpenter, aka her dad’s girlfriend.

It appears that in the UK, some television writers actually pay attention to what their actors want. Last January, actress Zoe Lister (who plays Zoe on the show) told a reporter she was interested in trying out a Sapphic scene: “I’d definitely do a lesbian love scene in Hollyoaks,” she said. “That would be a really good story.”

And it should be — at least, so far. Things are supposedly hot and heavy between Sarah (played by Loui Batley) and Zoe, although it comes after a night of drinking. The two are actually only one year apart (clearly Sarah’s dad likes younger women) and their relationship has been a little rocky because of their closeness in age. But they’ve bonded lately, and now Zoe is trying to forget about Sarah, while Sarah tries to figure out what she’s feeling for her dad’s girlfriend.

Photo from AfterEllen.com user WowMissDana


The storyline is set to air on Hollyoaks‘ new late-night series, Hollyoaks Later, which begins Nov. 24. Although it might seem strange, it’s nothing new for the show, which has had several spinoffs and late-night counterparts since its inception in 1995.

So what’s in store for Zoe and Sarah? Any ideas, Hollyoaks fanatics?