“The Fall” recap (2.6): Actually, it’s all about ethics in serial murder

Meanwhile, Sally Ann is being questioned again about Paul by DCI Eastwood. She recalls a necklace Paul gave Olivia, which in hindsight was probably inappropriate for a child. Well, really, any necklace taken from a dead woman’s body is inappropriate for a child. Eastwood shows her a picture of the necklace, and finally the pieces come together in her head. This isn’t about the babysitter, you fool. But I do feel sorry for her in all her obliviousness, and also that she is bleeding.


Stella decides to take another swing at Paul and brings back D.C. McNally. She has her hair down while wearing an above-the-knee pencil skirt, knee-high boots, black stockings, fire-engine red nail polish and a tight blazer. Understated it is not. Poor McNally, she is clearly nervous about the whole thing. And the clothes. I can always tell when a tomboy feels out of sorts.


Paul enters and gives her a look like, “Really?” McNally begins questioning him and presents the scissors found with his fingerprints. But Paul just laughs. Well, that’s unnerving. And then he stares into the surveillance camera and calls out Stella’s weak attempts to unnerve him with a quasi-Annie Brawley look alike.

I hate to agree with anything Paul Spector says, but I have to agree. As far as tactics go this one was as subtle as a sledgehammer.


In another room, Anderson continues his questioning of Katie. But this time he has the photos from the hotel in his arsenal. Her only response is to say that anyone describing Paul’s sexual menace as “aberrant” is narrow minded. She says he opened her eyes to the world and more such rubbish. Shake, shake, shake, shake. Anderson decides to do his own metaphorical shoulder shaking and lays out the consequences of her lies.

She will go to jail. A criminal record would prevent her from traveling if she wanted to pursue music. Many other professions would be closed to her. In short, this is what we call a guaranteed life ruiner. But Katie still has hearts in her eyes so he tries one more good, hard shake. He draws a small circle and says the neck of his victim Fiona Gallagher was compressed to that size by the sheer anger and hatred of women inside the man she claims to love.


He asks her one more time if there is anything she wants her to add, clarify or explain. But Katie remains defiant. There will always be those women who fall in love with serial killers and marry them in jail. Sadly, the universe isn’t always wired properly.