“The Fall” recap (2.6): Actually, it’s all about ethics in serial murder

Paul responds that Olivia is his daughter, to which Stella replies, “All of your victims are daughters.” Almost all the problems in our society can be boiled down to that simple dichotomy. Some people view other people as less than human, yet we are all of us only human.


Paul says, “I don’t hate a woman” when asked about his hatred of women. He says instead he hates everything and everyone including himself. OK, sure, but you direct that hatred at women, buddy. He continues to brag about his freedom from all man-made laws and moralities. But Stella is, per usual, having none of it and asks as a man destined for a lifetime in prison in what sense is he free? Now he is under arrest and alone.

Paul’s only response to that is to spit out a “Fuck you.” Stella just leans forward and tells him it’s an addiction that enslaves him. So Paul, out of godlike mantras to repeat, goes for the low blow and suggests Stella’s obsession about her father stems from some pre-memory moment of molestation. Look who is touting that old chestnut of the Oedipus/Electra complex now?


I’d like to take a moment to pay appreciation to the director of photography for the copious, lingering close-up on Gillian Anderson’s face throughout this season. I cannot emphasize enough how appreciated they truly are. Give me your address and a basket of well-deserved mini-muffins are on their way. Guaranteed.

Stella moves the conversation along to the Annie Brawley attack. Paul spits out more invectives about how Joe Brawley, Annie’s brother, deserved to die because he couldn’t muster up enough aggression to hit Paul over the head when he found him assaulting his sister, or something.

But then he goes on the attack of his own, telling Stella not to pretend she cares about him. He throws back her listing of the victims to him on the phone: Fiona Gallagher, Alice Monroe, Sarah Kay. But not Joe Brawley. So, “What’s one more man to you, more or less?” Oh, is this that tired old misandry speech? Thanks, but no thanks.


Actually, would you like to talk with us about ethics in game journalism, too?

Sorry, was my feminist killjoy, man-hating lesbian showing? Right, where were we? Stella follows up Paul’s misandry nonsense with the final question that needs answering: Where is Rose? But for that, Mr. Male Tears just rolls his eyes. Stella breaks out her tabloid to show him the video of Rose where he turns the camera on himself.


Stella poses the question I posed before, who the fuck was Paul talking to when he called the viewer a “sick shit?” Him? Her? People who like to watch shows about people like him? Wait, does that mean us? Stop making me feel so introspective, show. I just like my stories, OK?

With that Paul finally clams up. He says they’re done, but they’re not done-done because it’s only just begun between Stella and him. Yeah, whatever, dude. Have fun rotting in prison. After the interview ends and Paul is escorted back out, Burns goes down to the hallway to congratulate Stella. He gives her an atta girl for getting him, but she knows it’s not over. Where is Rose? Also there’s still a half hour left in this super-sized finale, so, you know, it’s clearly not over.