20 of the Wittiest, Prettiest Lez/Bi Tweeters of 2014


Twitter is land of the few, the funny, the #relatable. Many flee when forced to grapple with their natural lack of wit. The few who survive often toil in anonymous, meme-addled notoriety. A miniscule percentage of those remaining are girls who date girls.

In celebration of 2014’s demise (good riddance to the freeloading bastard) and in honor of AfterEllen’s Twitter hitting 100k follows sans a single staff sex tape, I’ve selected 20 tweeters who kill it with panache. Here’s the 20 Wittiest Tweeters of 2014. Droll on.


 1. Caitlin Stasey

Outspoken bisexual feminist who looks bomb in a corset.

2. Ellen Page

You know who she is.

3. Ruby Rose

Rare hybrid of of excellent qualities.

4. Fortune Feimster

Aggressively Southern gay who bffs with Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler.

5. Megan Ellison

Oddly endearing celebuspawn turned affable film nerd (saved eight LOTR movie tickets from HS Senior Year) turned Hollywood power player. Impeccable taste in cats and vintage wolf T-shirts.