“Lost Girl” recap (5.4): Oops, I slept with your son

Previously on Lost Girl: Bo didn’t want to bone anyone because eventually she will lose everyone. But then she got over it. Which is good because a succubus needs sex to feed. Also, sex is awesome.

Well, looks like Bo super got over her dry spell because someone is making with the merriment under her covers. Wait, hold on, just one second…is that Tamsin? Who else is under those covers, besides Frank/Tad? I agree Tamsin, Frank is a much better name. Who names a baby Tad? Ridiculous.


Her solid B+ romp in the hay leaves Tamsin starving for Chinese food, which as fortune would have it Bo walks in with at that very minute. This never happens to me. There needs to be an app for that. Like Uber, but for delivering food after sex. Boom, you’re welcome for your next billion-dollar company, Silicon Valley.

Bo is less than amused at her delivery girl status. Seems Tamsin cut out on her at the pub in the midst of a fight. But instead of returning with weapons, she banged Frank/Tad. But Bo gets over it fairly quickly because Tam-Tam knows that sharing is caring. Which is good because now that her succu-mojo is back Bo is hornier than a monkey with eight dicks. Or, you know, something more feminine and sexy. So, like, a female monkey with eight dildos. Hey, everyone finds different things sexy. Don’t judge.


As Bo gets her blue eyes blazing, a wayward youth runs onto a bus. I say a youth because he appears to be about 18, give or take the age of consent. He also appears to be in trouble, hence the wayward thing. He talks his way onto a bus, for the fare of his grandfather’s watch, and then proceeds to talk to a pretty young lady. She moved to the big city to be a singer, which means, yep, she is dead. An arrow comes from nowhere and the smooth-talking youngster scurries off.

Back at the SuccuShack, Tamsin is amusing herself–quite literally–by telling herself jokes. This one involved lemon chicken and 69. Whatever, you had to be there. The wayward youth bursts into the door and for a minute Tamsin isn’t sure if Bo ordered delivery or not. Delivery boys are like Uber, but for horny succubi.


But the wayward youth isn’t take-out. He is in trouble and looking for help from private investigators Bo-Bo and Tam-Tam. p.s. If you want to spin-off that show, I would watch the hell out of it. Just sayin’.

He tells them he is being followed, hunted really, and asks them for help. He offers to pay them with his grandfather’s watch. Wait a minute, how many watches did his grandfather have? Tamsin doesn’t trust him as far as she wants to throw him on account of his total non-trustability. Yes, I am aware there is a better (and real) word for that.