Tina Fey gets the muppet treatment on “Sesame Street”

It’s been a long week. The economy is hanging on by a thread. MTV is pushing incestuous bisexual twins. Showtime is feeding us bad promo puns about lesbian sex. So, I think it’s time we all took a deep breath and soaked our brains in something unabashedly cute for a change. How cute? Liz Lemon as an actual lemon cute.

You can keep your adorable sometimes rambunctious, sometimes narcoleptic Shiba Inu puppies live cam. For me, nothing was cuter this week than the Sesame Street parody of Tina Fey and her show 30 Rock.

Glasses on fruit — gets me ever time. The skit was part of the 39th season of the popular PBS children’s series. Still the appearance of the bespectacled muppet and her 30 rocks wasn’t the first time Tina (or her citrusy likeness) has found her way to where the air is sweet. Tina (the real, less yellow version) appeared in the season premiere of Sesame Street last year as a bookaneer.

The 30 Rock skit won’t be this season’s only pop culture parody. This season includes Pre-School Musical, Are You Smarter Than an Egg Layer? and Feist’s “1234.” Feist and Liz Lemon? Now that’s comedy you can count on, so to speak.

There, now doesn’t your brain feel better after a good cuteness soak?