“Lost Girl” recap (5.5): All Tied Up With a Bow

Previously on Lost Girl: Dyson has a secret son. Bo was oblivious and slept with Dyson’s secret son. Tamsin has a secret crush. Bo was oblivious and kissed her repeatedly. Oh and there’s a Fae cult doing Fae culty things.

First, let’s have a little talk about fandom. I love the Lost Girl fandom for so many reasons, primarily because we are passionate and loyal and articulate in our devotion and demands for this series, its characters and its stars. Having said that, I have always been–since the first “My God, you’re beautiful”–a Doccubus fan. But over the years I have grown to appreciate almost all of the ships, even chuckled at the crazytown crackships, and respect everyone’s favorite couplings and varied allegiances.

This is a long-winded way of saying given the big, tied-up-with-a-bow happenings of this week’s episode I really hope we can all have a respectful discussion of the story, regardless of our possibly differing OTPs. But, you guys already knew that. You’re Lost Girl fans and Lost Girl fans are amazing. Well, except for anyone on Team Mark. I hate that Little Shit.


Right, so where were we? Oh yes, Bo has daddy issues. This tends to happen when your father is Hades. Also, this tends to happen when your father is Hades and sends you a birthday gift in a creepy looking box with a card that reads, “Happy Birthday Precious.” Also, who signs cards “Daddy” for adult children? Creepy people, that’s who.

While Bo is dealing with her creep, Cassie the Oracle (remember her? I kind of love her) is dealing with a creep of her own. She is on what looks like a very boring first date. The dude is talking about his “journey” which is, as we all know, The Worst. He might as well pull out a vision board and tell her how he totally redecorated his parent’s basement to be a bitchin’ bachelor pad. Cassie gets saved by the bell in the form of Bo’s call asking for help with her mystery box (not that one, mind out of the gutter–we’re not even two minutes into this episode). She tells her they’ll meet tomorrow at the Dal and returns to her lackluster dinner companion.


He asks about her, mentions his “party girl” sister (which peaks Cassie’s interest–sexual Faeluidity for the win) and then surprises her by turning down a reading. Poor girl, dating as an Oracle must be the Fae equivalent of dating as a doctor. Everyone wants to know their future/whether that weird mole on their back is normal.

Cassie takes the mystery man back to her apartment and they talk about five-year plans. Jesus, I was right about the vision boards. He then puts the moves on her with a whopper of a goodnight kiss. But then he demurs that he is a gentleman and leaves. Cassie says a little prayer to the naughty bit gods that the date’s peen will check out, but then immediately is stricken with what looks like a blinding headache (Faegraine? Yeah, I know, I’m stretching).