“The Good Wife” recap (6.12): Not up for debate

Throughout its six seasons, The Good Wife has never shied away from tackling topics that are ripped right from the headlines. In this week’s episode, they address Ferguson not only by name, but with another police shooting of an unarmed African American man. They announce at the beginning of the episode that it was filmed before the verdicts came back in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but they certainly attempt to capture some of the outrage, and injustice that has been felt across the country in recent months.

On The Good Wife, the man who was shot by Chicago police is Cole Willis, and Officers Michael and Trenton are awaiting a decision in their involuntary manslaughter trial. This all comes to light as Alicia and her team prep for her big debate with Frank Prady. In mere minutes she will have to take the stage, and they begin to prep her for possible questions concerning the case. As Eli tries to coach Alicia on her measured response, Alicia is distracted by the absence of Johnny Elfman. Eli is unconcerned, and lets us know that Alicia is now down six points and not just two like last week. This debate truly will be the defining factor in the race.


During all of this, Neil Gross from Chumhum calls and Alicia takes it, much to Eli’s frustration. Neil is getting a divorce and for some reason, Evan, one of the lawyers at Florrick Agos Lockhart is offering twice as much to his soon to be ex, Deena, than Neil agreed to. He threatens to leave and Alicia promises to look into it. When she gets back, her handlers are all over her, tossing new info in her direction, as she tries to call FAL. The office is busy giving Cary a hearty welcome back, so Diane picks up the call. The larger settlement is news to her too, and they suspect that Evan might be freelancing. When Diane, Cary and Kalinda step inside the conference room, we find David Lee representing the future Ex-Mrs. Gross. David Lee has incriminating pictures of Neil that he subtly threatens to send to TMZ, so Evan upped the settlement offer without consulting Diane or Cary. They send Kalinda to do some investigating.

Just as Eli is about to give Alicia his parting piece of advice, Johnny arrives and gives them whopper of shit storm to deal with. Reporter Patrick Mancini has photos of Peter leaving Ramona’s place, two nights before, and plans to ask her about Peter’s new infidelity. It seems that no matter what, Alicia can never escape the shadow of Peter’s poor decisions. Speak of the devil, Peter calls Alicia but everyone advises her not to answer.

Peter is at a meeting of interfaith leaders who are trying to come together before the jury decision comes back about the two officers. Eli tears out of the debate to meet up with Peter and warn him about the Ramona pics. Eli also manages to insult and alienate his assistant Nora by, well frankly, being racist. Thankfully, she points out how ridiculous he sounds and calls him out on his shit.

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