“Marry Me” recap (1.10): Spoil Me

We’ve all had one. Maybe for you it’s Pretty Little Liars. Or Orange Is the New Black. Perhaps you watch it live week to week, or wait until the whole season is available and have a weekend marathon. No matter what it is, or how you view it, there’s a television show you and your girlfriend (bestie, sister, etc.) watch together, side-by-side for every frame. But it’s more than just a television show: It’s a ritual. An event. You pour some wine, pop some popcorn, and grab your phones so you can tweet about it as you watch.  

The Moors!

For Annie and Jake, that show is The Moors, which is basically a cross between Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones. Jake and Annie have been bonding over the 19th Century violent romance. So imagine the betrayal they each felt when they finally sat down after a week of avoiding spoilers to find that the DVR says the episode was “recently watched.” Neither one of them will admit to watching the show without the other so instead, they watch Million Dollar Listing in disgust. 

The next day at brunch, Annie’s dads are equally appalled. Kevin 2 says, “Having a show together is a sacred contract wherein you vow to wait for each other. Your father and I have had shows together forever, and neither one of us have ever broken that bond.”

Then Kevin 2 suggests that it may have been one of the Annie and Jake’s friends who watched the show. After all, they have a key to their place. Yes! That must be it, Annie and Jake agree. Mystery solved. 

Meanwhile, Kay, Dennah and Gil are heading back to Dennah’s car while Kay complains about how much she hates The Moors. Dennah  sees a parking ticket on her car and is bummed until her latest steady rolls up in his police cruiser and tears it up. Dennah’s man, Officer Gary Thicke (Rob Riggle), tells her that, “As long as we’re doing stuff below the belt, consider yourself above the law.” 

Marry Me

Thicke’s partner, Detective Laguna Matata (Natasha Leggero), joins them and begins flirting with Gil. Of course, Gil is oblivious so Kay clues him in. “Yo! She’s into you!” “

No!” Gil insists, “She’s just being nice.”

Back at Jake and Annie’s apartment, the gang is just are toasting to the fact that our beloved couple is no longer fighting over who watched The Moors.

“Now that we know it’s one of you, everything is alright, man,” Jake explains.

But the rest of the gang bursts their happy little bubble.

“Wait one of us? It wasn’t me. I watch TV like everyone else in this worldon my phone, in traffic, weeks after its original air date,” Dennah says.

Kay agrees. “It definitely wasn’t me. The only thing I hate more than The Moors is More Moors the post-Moors talk show hosted by Jay Mohr.”

Not me! ew! I hate The Moors!

It wasn’t Gil either. “Look, I use your place for many things. Let’s keep it vague.”  Then he turns to Kay and Dennah and adds, “Mid-city pooping.” 

Gil continues, “But television watching is not one of them. And why would we lie about it?”

But if one of their friends didn’t watch it…the fight is back on! Jake and Annie start fighting again, but Dennah has a solution: She’ll just call her boo, Gary, and have him bring over his polygraph machine to figure out who is lying.