“Glee” recap (6.3): To infinity, and beyond

Damnit Glee. I wasn’t expecting “Jagged Little Tapestry” to reach in my heart, and fill it to the brim with glitter. But you did it. You made me believe in Glee again. This week’s episode harkened back to Season 2, not only with its numerous parallels, but by being the smart, funny and oh so touching show Glee used to be. Ok, well enough gushiness (for now), let’s get down to business.

Kurt has been having a rough time since he got back to Lima. Mission: Win Back Blaine has hit a roadblock in the form of one, Dave Karofsky. While I have no doubt that Kurt and Blaine are endgame, it doesn’t make it any less painful to see Kurt struggle with heartbreak. While searching for new music at one of Lima’s many music stores, Kurt and Blaine run into each other. Karofsky is there too, his arm wrapped around Blaine’s shoulders, a smile plastered on his face. Running into your ex is hard enough, but when they are with their new boo, it’s practically unbearable. The blood rushes from Kurt’s face, and you can practically feel his throat tighten, and his stomach roil as he has to face the couple. Naturally, Kurt and Blaine burst into song to deal with their feelings. “It’s Too Late” by Carole King is the perfect lament for a love affair ended too soon, and Klaine sound beautiful together as usual. Blaine’s longing, sad looks at Kurt do not go unnoticed by anyone except maybe Karofsky.


The next day in the choir room, inspired by his Carole King-ing, Kurt suggests the Glee club take on her masterful album, Tapestry. While Rachel thinks it’s a great idea, she’s feeling a more mid-’90s angst, and wants to go with Alanis Morissette’s breakthrough album, Jagged Little Pill. Kurt wants to broaden the glee club’s musical education, but Rachel is still stuck on her frustration of not being solely in control. She’s worried that their partnership will negatively affect their friendship. Kurt suggests mashing the two albums together, and Rachel loves the idea.

Sam is ironing jockstraps (a phrase I never expected I’d have to write one day) when Coach Beiste comes in, after being sick all night. The Coach gives Sam props for all the hard work he’s put in, and reminds Sam that the team likes and respects him. Sam reveals that it’s his dream to take over as coach one day. Is this news to anyone else? Sam expresses his concern about Coach Beiste’s absence at practices lately, and the coach fires back that people should mind their business. “Post Gay” Spencer comes in to ask Coach Beiste about trying for quarterback, and it doesn’t go over well at all.


It’s the first official glee club rehearsal, and the OGs (Quinn, Puck, Santana, Brittany, and Tina) have stuck around to “help” another week. Apparently the Air Force, Yale and Brown have very flexible time off schedules. It’s finally revealed that Brittany possesses the ability to bend time and space. Either that, or they have accumulated a shit ton of frequent flyer miles. Rachel and Kurt, still working out the kinks of their partnership, talk over each other and generally make it a little awkward in the choir room.


After choosing whether that are Team Carole or Team Alanis, the glee club members are supposed to find someone from the opposite team and mash. It. Up. Since Kurt and Rachel still can’t figure out what the other is trying to do, Santana offers to duet with Brittany the next day as an example. Genius.