Tyne Daly visits Seattle Grace as Mrs. McDreamy

Grey’s Anatomy reminds me of some past relationships: Just as I’m able to let go, something happens to pull me back in. I mean, how could I not watch when one of my original lesbian crushes guest stars?

Tyne Daly, who will always be Mary Beth Lacey to me, plays Derek’s mom, Carolyn Shepherd, visiting Seattle to meet Meredith for the first time. I feel safe in assuming that Meredith will annoy Carolyn because, well, she annoys everyone.

Access Hollywood gives us a first glimpse of Derek and his mom together. I think it’s a good match, especially, as Patrick Dempsey points out, the good hair.


This will be Daly’s first TV appearance since Judging Amy was canceled in 2005. I didn’t watch that show much, but thought the role of Maxine Gray fit Daly perfectly.

Daly has been working steadily on stage, most recently in the classic Greek tragedy, Agamemnon. She has also been quite active politically, campaigning for Barack Obama and appearing in the “Stop the Hate, Vote No on 8” video campaign.

In case your mind is still a bit fuzzy after the long weekend, I should point out that Daly’s guest role reflects a bit of meta-casting. Tyne’s brother, Tim Daly, appears on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice, which also stars Amy Brenneman, who played Maxine’s daughter on Judging Amy. Got that? Hey, since Derek used to be married to Kate Walsh’s character Addison on Private Practice, maybe Tyne will show up there, too. That might even get me to watch that show again.

Of course, the show I really want to see her in is a reunion show about a certain two female detectives. Sigh.

Is Tyne Daly’s appearance enough to get you to tune in to Grey’s again? Do you think she’s a good McMama?