“Chasing Life” recap (1.13): Today or to marrow

Previously on Chasing Life, April got a new boss and he was a jerkface, Secret Sister Natalie showed up and she was a jerkface, Brenna tried to sneak into Greer’s house to see her but her parents were jerkfaces. Also Leo woke up from his coma.

But don’t worry, he soon joined the rank of jerkfaces. April goes to visit him in the hospital, and he is grumping at everyone who dares try to speak to him. He is confused as to why he had this surgery; last he remembers, he was perfectly fine living out the tumor on his own terms. April decides not to remind him exactly why he decided to get the surgery and goes to Beth’s to complain about how her cancer friend woke up on the wrong side of the coma bed.

Beth says their conversations have gotten rather strange, but even stranger still is her crazy roommate Morgan, who lets herself be bossed around by her stuck-up hipsterdouche boyfriend and sets the feminism movement back about a few decades. April tries to help by saying at least she’s not single and desperate, but Beth says she’d almost prefer that to the pushover who blares dubstep to cover the noise of their frequent bedrocking.

CL 113-1Beth is 1000% done. April, just move in already.

At work, April finds out that her latest piece got re-assigned to Danny, who is actually weirdly non-gloaty about it. April’s afraid she’s getting demoted, so she cons her way into Bossman’s office and asks him if he’s treating her differently because she has cancer. He tells her that he’s treating her differently because she botched the last assignment and that she’ll need to build up trust if she wants to get the same level pieces she got before chemo fried her brain.

Natalie and Brenna run into each other in the waiting room of the Cancer Center while their moms park their cars. They try to make small talk, Natalie asking if she’s there for moral support, and Brenna saying more like her mother has decided to be a human ankle bracelet and won’t let her out of her sight until school starts again. Natalie asks about Brenna’s lesbian lover and is surprised to find out that she’s not currently at lover status.

CL 113-2She ships it.

They make it clear to one another that there’s plenty they don’t know about one another, and that day drinking in Florida one time was not enough of a glimpse into either of their lives. Olivia walks in and Brenna meets her father’s mistress for the first time. Soon after, Sara whirls in complaining about some bitch who stole her spot and Natalie laughs because it was definitely her mom. Sara tries to brush it off and they go in to meet with Dr. Hamburg: Best Doctor Ever.

CL 113-3I wish my GP was half as good as her.

Dr. Hamburg says that Natalie is a half-match, which is good news because it means she’s better suited to donate because she’s younger and has never had kids, but bad news because it’s not just a blood draw, but a full bone drill situation. Natalie looks queasy at the thought of it but April promises that it’s not as scary or painful as it sounds and Brenna says it will be worth it because it’s saving April’s life.

Back home, George gets flirty with Sara while she gives him the lowdown and Emma catches them again, saying it’s not like she’s zipping around here all fast and quiet-like, so if she keeps catching them, how long before the girls stumble in on this secret? Emma doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea that one of the girls could be traumatized by this all sudden-like. Before they can get into it, though, Olivia calls Sara and asks to meet up; Sara is afraid this means Natalie is backing out of the bone marrow donation.

April goes to the hospital to visit Leo in physical therapy, and confesses that the reason he got the surgery is because, after convincing her she had to fight for her life, he decided to do the same. She even has the voicemail to prove it. Grumpy Leo doesn’t like the sound of this and asks her to leave while he thinks about this. I hope his physical therapist also helps him exercise his smile muscles.

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