Charlie returns to “Supernatural” and she’s not alone

Fan favorite Felicia Day was back on Supernatural last night, but right away we know something is definitely amiss. When we last saw Day’s spunky, perky, nerdbian character Charlie, she was headed to Oz for some (possibly lesbian) adventures with the grown up Dorothy. Apparently, some serious shit went down in the Emerald City, because when we next see Charlie, she’s kicking the crap out of a District Attorney on his front lawn.


When Dean and Sam catch wind of Charlie’s uncharacteristic actions, they set out to find out why their friend is acting like some sort of maniac. When they approach the District Attorney, Dean’s perfectly symmetrical face gets him to confess that he gave Charlie a name she was after. The name of the woman who is responsible covering up for the tragic deaths of her parents: Councilwoman Barbara Corddry.

Dean and Sam don their best FBI disguises and show up at the Councilwoman’s home. When they bring up the drunk driving incident, she sends them on their way. Good thing they stuck around the neighborhood, because soon after they hear screams coming from the house. They bust down the door to find the place trashed and a very sinister looking Charlie holding a big ol’ knife to the Councilwoman’s throat. 


Charlie tells the brothers that Oz gave her the answers she was looking for, and proceeds to dig at Sam for his sweet nature. Dean tells Charlie that he knows this isn’t her, but she initiates a fight with him, and escapes after kicking him square in the face. Dean chases after her, but she’s slashed his tires. Just then, a little yellow car pulls up. It’s Charlie, but normal Charlie! She can tell the brothers are confused and suggests they do some catching up.


Yes, there are indeed two Charlies. The sweet, kind, lovable one, and her badass alter ego. “So ‘dick you’ is some sort of a ninja?” Dean asks. Charlie tells the brothers about the war that happened in Oz and how she made a deal with the Wizard. She had to “unleash her true darkness” and voila, Dark Charlie was born. Charlie is connected to Dark Charlie, physically to boot, so she feels whatever pain Dark Charlie does. Dark Charlie won the war in OZ, and is now trying to win Charlie back, but Charlie wants nothing to do with her and her evil ways. Dark Charlie set out to avenge Charlie’s parents’ deaths in an attempt to win her over. Charlie feels responsible, and has been trying to catch up with Dark Charlie before she does real damage.

Dark Charlie left with bank receipts from the Councilwoman’s house, and the trail should lead her to the person who actually killed Charlie’s parents. Sam asks Charlie to hack into the bank’s records so they can have the same info as Dark Charlie, but the thing is, Dark Charlie has every ounce of Charlie’s badassness, so she can’t bring herself to do anything illegal. Sam convinces her to teach him how to do it, so the badness is on him.


The man attached to the payments is Russel Wellington, who conveniently reported his car as stolen the night of the drunk driving incident. Dean warns Charlie to stay away from Wellington. Sam and Charlie head off to L. Frank Baum’s place to try and find a new key to OZ, since Dark Charlie destroyed the old one. Dean heads off to keep an eye on Wellington, lest Dark Charlie shows up.