“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.12): Will the real Sin Rostro please stand up?

This week’s episode was intense. We’re finally given some answers about the craziness that is going on in Jane’s world.

The flashback took us to the time 10 year-old Jane borrowed Abuela’s favorite earrings, which she was forbidden to wear. Of course, Jane lost the earrings and planned an escape but was stopped by Xiomara mid-getaway. Through tears, she explained to Abuela how sorry she was for losing the earrings. Abuela seemed okay with it and told Jane these words: “You are my flesh and blood. There is nothing you could do that is unforgivable to me.” It sounded more dramatic spoken in Spanish.

In the present time, Jane is asked to write the next episode The Passions of Santos by Dina and the other writers. She thinks they asked her to write it because they really like her writing. Later, Nicholas, Rogelio’s assistant, gives Jane the story document of the episode she is supposed to write. It turns out that they’re killing off Santos, Rogelio’s character. Nicholas acts as though he was aware this was happening, but then mentions that Rogelio has been difficult lately and the networks is done with him.

Rogelio can’t understand why they would want to kill him off the show. Jane proposes that, maybe, if he’s humble enough and talks to the writers about it, that he’ll get to keep his job. But, for Rogelio that is easier said than done. Jane finds herself having to speak for Rogelio. Dina says it’s already been done. They can’t change it. Jane decides she won’t write the script that kills off her father.

JTV 12.1

Emilio, Luisa and Rafael’s father, is back. Rose and Rafael are surprised to see Emilio so soon. Emilio tells Rose of a surprise trip the both of them are going on, but he won’t mention where. Rose goes to Rafael because she’s afraid of going away with Emilio. She still thinks Emilio is Sin Rostro.

JTV 12.2

Petra is still afraid that Milos will show up any minute, so she and Magda have been hiding out in the high security suite. This means Petra hasn’t been doing her job as event coordinator. Rafael demands that she take an upcoming meeting or he won’t sign her paycheck. Since she needs the money, she agrees to go.