“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.12): Will the real Sin Rostro please stand up?

At the meeting, Rafael introduces her to a man who wants to plan a wedding. When the man turns around, it’s none other than Milos in the flesh. Petra is freaked out. Milos just had to see her. If she sits and listens to him, then he’ll leave if she wants him to.

Milos explains that he remembered how Petra always stopped to pick up coins in the street. He was waiting for Magda, Petra’s mother, to walk by alone but when he saw Petra with her, he threw the coin on the ground because he knew she’d stop to get it. When Petra bent down he then threw the acid into Magda’s face. The acid was never meant to be for Petra. Instead of jail, Milos said he was sent to anger management. He asks for Petra’s forgiveness.

JTV 12.3

Shortly after, Jane finds Petra crying in a stairwell of the hotel. Petra actually opens up to Jane, telling Jane about Milos and her past.

Jane and Rafael meet up with Luisa in therapy. On the way there, Rafael warns Jane about what Luisa will say, and how she’ll apologize but to not believe Luisa because he’s been down that road before. Just like Rafael predicted, Luisa apologizes. When Rafael mentions Luisa’s “lie” of her and Rose having a thing, Luisa swallows her pride and says she was delusional. She’d say anything to get out of that place.

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Rafael mentions to Luisa that while she’s been going through her thing, he’s been dealing with a lot as well. He tells Luisa about Sin Rostro and the crazy things happening at the hotel, like the bell boy he and Rose found with a cork screw in his neck. The mention of the cork screw flickers on a light inside of Luisa, like she might know something we don’t.

In the bathroom Luisa is creepily waiting for Jane to come out of the stall. She has an envelope in hand. It’s an apology to Rose. Luisa asks Jane to give it to Rose for her. Jane, being the kind-hearted person she is, obliges.

JTV 12.5

Back in Rafael’s suite, Jane is about to change for her shift when her phone rings. She asks Rafael to see who it is. He looks for the phone in Jane’s purse but finds Luisa’s letter instead. Rafael takes the letter and makes sure Rose doesn’t see it. Jane can’t understand why Rafael is acting this way toward his sister. But Rafael says there is a lot of history between him and Luisa that Jane just won’t understand.

While on her shift, Jane gets phone call from Luisa. She asks Jane if she gave the letter to Rose. After finding out Rafael kept the letter, Luisa then calls him. He doesn’t answer. She leaves Rafael a message telling him to read the letter.

At first, Rafael refuses to read it, but Jane convinces him in her own way. Luisa’s mistake gave Jane the two most important things in her life. She then asks Rafael to read Luisa’s letter.

Rose shows up at Rafael’s suite claiming she’s afraid to go on the trip with Emilio. They walk and talk around the hotel and find Emilio chatting with the sub-contractor who’s working on construction outside of the building. The sub-contractor is the same guy Rafael went to see in the last episode, who also happened to beat up Michael.

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Michael, who is now suspended due to Nadine telling on him, is doing an investigation of Sin Rostro on his own. He makes an appointment to visit with the plastic surgeon the hotel uses. While in one of the rooms, the doctor gets a phone call from Michael’s brother who is pretending to be an irate patient so that Michael can do some investigating. Michael pulls up some information on the computer in the room. He finds what he’s looking for and prints out the documents. Just as the last page is printing, the doctor heads back to the room. The last sheet prints, Michael grabs it, and the doctor walks in.

Michael takes this information to Nadine stating that Emilio is Sin Rostro.