Kate McKinnon joins “SNL” castmembers past and present for photo shoot fun

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The cast of Saturday Night Live got all gussied up for Gotham magazine and interviewed one another. Out cast member Kate McKinnon answered questions from Kenan Thompson:

KT: What has been your favorite moment with a host?
KM: I did a sketch with Charlize Theron [in May 2014] where we played cat ladies. I wanted her to do an Aileen Wuornos-type thing [Wuornos was the convicted serial killer Theron played in the 2003 film Monster, for which she won an Oscar] and gosh darn it, she did. She out-weirded me, and I was impressed.

KT: That was an epic moment. I watched it from the sidelines and it was like seeing history happen. What inspired the Russian meteorite expert thing?
KM: It wasn’t my idea at all. There really was a meteor that hit Siberia. The writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider pitched a woman who had wished that it had hit Russia because Russia is so terrible.
KT: You have firsthand knowledge?
KM: I do not. But I can imagine.
KT: What about [impersonating] Penélope Cruz?
KM: That’s a voice you don’t forget.

The Hollywood Reporter is also celebrating SNL this week, and they partnered Kate with Ana Gasteyer for these fun photos.

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“I was more crazy the week I auditioned than I’ve ever been in my life,” Kate told the Reporter. “I was frightened for what would happen if I didn’t get it. I was frightened for what would happen if I did. I grew up obsessed with SNL, memorizing the sketches. I taped most of the episodes from ’96 to ’98, and I’d watch them the next day on a loop. I was really worried I’d never live up to the legacy of women like you. I was so scared when I did my sketch, where I was playing Penelope Cruz doing a Pantene commercial.”

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