These Brittana wedding pics are everything

Here come the brides! Glee released pictures from the much anticipated Brittana wedding episode, “A Wedding” today, and we could barely stop swooning in time to post this. They are in a word: perfect.

Brittany and Santana kissing at the alter“Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” Hell to the yes!

Brittany and Santana sitting at their wedding dinnerHere are the newlyweds, at their own reception table, looking stunning.

Brittany and Santana dancing at their weddingHoly cow, is that Sugar! Santana in a pantsuit/bustier! Brit in cowboy boots! So much fringe!

Guests of the wedding take a selfieThose bridesmaids dresses are questionable but who cares! Brittana wedding!

608GLEE_Ep608-Sc19_004_f_hires2Mother of one of the brides, Gloria Estefan.

608GLEE_Ep608-Sc19_301_f_hires2Sue Sylvester in her finest formal tracksuit

608GLEE_Ep608-Sc19_395_f_hires2Let’s hear it for the boys!

Rachel clapping next to a wedding dress on a bustierRachel, giving the brides a hand

“A Wedding” will air on February 20th, so you have time to stock up on rice, champagne and a never ending supply of tissues.