“Episodes” star Kathleen Rose Perkins gives us the scoop on her new lesbian storyline

KRP1photo credit: Ricky Middlesworth

Kathleen Rose Perkins has been a working actor for over 15 years, with guest spots on everything from How I Met Your Mother to Grey’s Anatomy, to American Horror Story to NCI: Los Angeles. Oh, and landed a part in a nothing little film called Gone Girl. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Not bad for a Michigan girl who spent her lean LA years as a receptionist at Merrill Lynch and almost gave up on Hollywood.

Today, Perkins is best known for her adorkable, high-strung portrayal of people-pleasing, boss-bedding, weed-smoking TV executive Carol Rance on Showtime’s hit comedy, Episodes.

Episode 304

We talked to Kathleen recently to discuss why she loves Carol’s new lesbian relationship, what’s that thing she does with her hands when she’s hiking, and how her face deserves its own Emmy Award.

AE: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview.
KRP: I have to thank you for writing such an awesome article. That was so cool to see! Thank you for trying to garner more viewers for our show, I so appreciate it.

AE: Are you kidding? I’ve been a fan of Episodes since the beginning. AfterEllen didn’t really have a reason to cover it until this season’s lesbian storyline. We’re going to focus a lot on the Carol-Helen thing. I say that because I don’t want you to think I’m just some weirdo who only wants to talk about lesbians.
KRP: No, let’s talk about lesbians! That sounds great!

AE: Oh, OK. In that case, I’m totally that weirdo. When did you find out that your character, Carol Rance, was going to be in a relationship with a woman this season?
KRP: [Co-creators] David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik–who are a gay couple, by the way–told me about it in 2010 (Season 1.) Carol was never going to be the boss, she was always going to be number two, and she was always going to have an affair with the boss who came in to take over the network. And eventually, it was going to be a woman. So, yeah. We knew from the beginning that this was what was going to happen.

AE: Whoa. I had no idea they planned this from the get-go.
KRP: I couldn’t wait to get to this season. I think they did it in a really beautiful way. I knew this was going to be the most fun that this character was going to have. But also, I couldn’t wait to see how we would earn this, because it’s a leap, you know? I couldn’t wait to find out how the audience would take to the storyline. It’s really been my favorite season so far, mainly because I get to have a relationship that was so much fun to play.