Morning Brew – Lesbian Seniors Share Stories and Advice in Emotional Video

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Congrats to all the beautiful couples who are marrying in Alabama this week.

Amanda Sapir shared a story about breaking up with “a gorgeous buxom Southern bomb shell.” Don’t worry—there’s a happy ending.

Jennifer Knapp did a TED Talk about LGBT issues in Faith, and she brought her guitar along.

Michelle Chamuel made a remix of Usher‘s “Climax.”

Scout Durwood stars in “LESBIAN.”

Evan Rachel Wood is laughing off rumors that she doesn’t like friend Nikki Reed‘s new beau. She tweeted she’s very happy for Nikki and Ian Somerhadler.

WTF! Ellen Page has a squatter who refuses to move out from where he’s made himself quite happy, living in her carport.

I like the sentiment of this New York Times article on genderqueer identity, but I find this a little problematic:

Gieselman, too, was born female, has a gentle disposition, and certainly appears feminine (save for a K. D. Lang cut). But Gieselman self-identifies not as a gay woman but as transgender. Unlike men and women who experience a mismatch between their bodies and their gender identities and take steps to align them, Gieselman accepts having a womanly body, and uses the term — along with “genderqueer” — to mean something else: a distinct third gender.

What!? A k.d. lang ‘do and she isn’t a LESBIAN!? People.

Out comic Mo Welch plays a judge in this College Humor sketch, “3 Mixologists Compete to Make Drinks Out Of Leftovers.”

I love this video which interviews gay and lesbian seniors.

Ugh, so emotional and poignant. 

Relevant to some of your interests: “Fictional War Goddesses I Think Should Make Out With Each Other, In No Particular Order.”

St. Vincent won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album, and wrote a thank you letter to those who believed in her.

Out singer Sophie B. Hawkins is pregnant with her second child.

Gotham star Victoria Cartagena shouts out #gaytham in this Hollywood Reporter interview and gives some delicious dish in a Q&A with Comic Book Resources.

Rosie is continuing to explain herself for those who don’t understand why she’s leaving The View again.

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