Morning Brew – Playstation’s “White Robe Love Addiction” has a lesbian couple

Good morning! I hope you are ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. And just so you know…


How about you make a rule to put your phones away for whatever you do? Lindsay Hicks stars in this PSA to STOP BEING RUDE.

PaleyFest LA is hosting some of your faves! Glee, Jane the Virgin, The Good Wife and American Horror Story: Freak Show are all going to be a part of the fun this March. Get your tickets now!

PlayStation Vita has a new game you might want to know about. White Robe Love Addiction follows aspiring nurse Asuka as she interacts with classmates in nursing school, including couple Itsuki and Sakuya.


From a review:

Itsuki, the green haired girl with a love of garters, loves jokes and has a personality “like a playboy.” The older sempai nurses adore her. Her listed skills include “sexual harassment.” Itsuki playfully teases Asuka once in a while. Itsuki calls Sakuya “princess.”

Sakuya is a studious, dutiful young lady who joined nursing school because she felt like she had to. The protagonist is very indecisive, but Sakuya is a straight shooter with clear goals, so there’s some natural friction there.

The game is available in Japan on April 30, but no word on when it will release elsewhere just yet.

Soko took to the streets of New York to ask people about their last kiss.

Heather Matarazzo played Facebook Pop Up and answered rapid fire questions.


The Fab Femme has an interview with Nes Marie of Match Made in Heaven. Nes, who has only had sexual relationships with women, is looking for love with a man because “I figured, I could at least try!”

Pink News notes that BBC News captioned activist Anastasia Lopez as “Lesbian” during coverage of a protest after she was forced to leave Café Prückel for kissing her girlfriend. Did they think “Angry Lesbian” too much?

Over on The Debrief, a lesbian writes about still being afraid to be out in public.

Out comic Mo Welch gets sexy while exercising. She’s sexercising.

After Hours – watch more funny videos

If you’re in LA tomorrow, there’s a 50 Shades of Gay tour that promises “an education in lesbian love.”

Yesterday I told you about Hot Pursuit, Reese Witherspoon‘s new film with Sofia Vergara. Now there’s a trailer, where you can see they do some “lesbian stuff.” It looks pretty hilaroius

Robin Roberts spoke with Portia de Rossi about Scandal on GMA yesterday.

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2015

ICYMI, Rosie said goodbye to fans on The View yesterday.

Brunch with Bridget is back with special guest Caitlin Bergh from Hashtag.

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