“South of Nowhere” Recap: Episode 3.15 “Taking Seconds”

If he ain’t broke,
don’t fix him —
It’s a good thing Kyla didn’t take that doomed motorcycle
ride with Aiden. Although, as it turns out, he’s just fine!

Not much of a cliff-hanger when we don’t even get to see him
patched up in the ER or hallucinating in the netherworld between life and death
ala Tony Soprano. Paula brings him back
to the Carlin’s until his parents are home to take care of him. We’re told he has “just a bump on the head.”

I think Arthur’s kind of excited it happened because it gives him a reason to
hug Aiden

Aiden hears Paula say she doesn’t know why Aiden doesn’t
even have a scratch on him.

What, are they trying to lead up to a big Unbreakable reveal?

Paula says that the only explanation for his condition
“isn’t medical.” I know Paula is a devoutly religious woman, but if it were up
to me, I’d prefer that my emergency
room doctor put her faith in science
when putting me back together.

Paula reminds Arthur that last season year, Aiden was
shot through the heart and tonight he landed on his head after being hit by a
car. She keeps saying that it’s a “miracle”
he survived. Is Aiden The One? And if
so, does that make her Morpheus?

Sing, sing a song — Across
town, Ashley has taken the stage at a gorgeously lit open mic event “Amps and
Eggs” at Ego-centric. Since when did coffee houses get professional stage lighting?

She tells the audience that Aiden’s accident reminded her to
“do things before I can’t,” then she begins strumming what sounds like the
intro to “Sister Golden Hair.” I really wish it was “Sister Golden Hair,” because I love that song. And it would
totally make sense in terms of Spencer. Or Paula.

But we never find out what the song was, or if she sang it
well, because we cut away to something of much greater urgency and importance.

It’s gonna take a
miracle —
Kyla is scrubbing down countertops at the food bank when Aiden
stops by for their big post-accident reunion scene. When she sees him, the first thing Kyla says
is “and not a scratch on you!” Teflon™-boy
tells her he’s fine, he just wants to take her out for a meal. She doesn’t want to ride his motorcycle
anymore, which is maybe the only smart thing I’ve ever heard Kyla say
(especially this season).

But Aiden tells her that getting her on the back of
his bike is the only way he can get her arms around her. Even if that’s true, it’s lame to say so.

She warns him that it won’t be that easy for them to be a
couple again, the “second time around,” but he reminds her that it wasn’t that
easy the first time anyway. And if by
being “easy” they mean “necessary” or “believable,” then I totally agree with

He tells Kyla that he feels invincible because Paula thinks
he’s a miracle. He thinks the concept of
danger may no longer apply to him.