The “Gossip Girl” spinoff: Could it be Georgina?

It looks like Gossip Girl spinoffs are the new black. In addition to a web series starring Dorota, a television spinoff is rumored to be in the works. We speculate on the direction that the creators may take.

Hypothetical Gossip Girl Spinoff #1

Should they take a cue from Prison Break, Oz or even the upcoming The L Word spinoff, the creators of Gossip Girl could create a prison-themed spinoff starring Nate Archibald and The Captain.

Plot: Nate devises a plan to break his father out of federal prison. Chuck plays an integral part in devising the escape. After the escape, Chuck charms various seedy underworld characters to help hide Nate and The Captain and, along the way, Chuck becomes a respected crime boss, a position that is much more suited for his personality than “Upper East Side twerp.”

Meanwhile, Nate goes back to prostituting himself for money while on the lam with Pops, which, oddly enough, brings him and The Captain closer. No longer confined to the Upper East Side and the Hamptons, father and son travel from continent to continent while getting into torrid romances with women in exotic locales. These romances never last, as the Feds are constantly nipping at their heels. Each time Nate leaves a girl behind, maudlin indie rock plays in the background as their eyes mist over. It’s all so heart wrenching.

Hypothetical Gossip Girl Spinoff #2

High school doesn’t last forever, even on television. The next logical place to take the Gossip Girl spinoff is, of course, Yale.

Plot: Half of the gang ends up at Yale, where they spend an entire three years trying to get into Skull and Bones. Unfortunately, one of them has to settle for Scroll and Key. How devastating.

Hypothetical Gossip Girl Spinoff #3

Georgina comes back to town and wreaks havoc.

Plot: Judging from the level of crazy that Georgina exhibited during her stint in Gossip Girl, I am unable to speculate just what kind of bizarre shenanigans she will get into. It’s all too twisted. If the spinoff centers around Georgina, there will be a body count. You can bet on that, at least.

Who do you think the Gossip Girl spinoff will revolve around?