Styled Out: Taking your wardrobe bi-coastal

Whitney of The Hills isn’t gay (as far as I can tell), but if any member of that cast were, she’d be my pick. Whitney’s moving to New York. More importantly, she got a gig working for fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg — and starring in her own reality show, The City.

I almost choked, I was so proud. Someone on The Hills actually did something awesome for once instead of just staring blankly or getting extensions or something. It’s obvious there’s more than air in her head — she lacks that certain vacant look that the rest of the cast can’t seem to wipe off of their faces.

Still, nothing on The Hills is ever left to chance, and it’s quite possible that the only reason she got the job was because she walked into the interview with a crew of TV cameras (who doesn’t love publicity?), but she’s arguably the most sane and fashionable of the ladies from the drama-filled “reality” show.

Whitney with new friends, enjoying October in NYC

I’m super happy that she’s going to get the spotlight because, instead of being the soundboard for Lauren Conrad, she’s finally going to get a chance to shine in one of the most interesting industries in the world. If I’m going to sit there and lose brain cells whilst enjoying such a trashy program, I’m glad I’ll at least get to peek behind the curtain at some of the best runway shows around. I’m extremely excited to see her style evolve as she transforms from L.A. to totally NYC because she has exceptional taste.

The contrast in fashion and personal style coast to coast is interesting. For those of us who live between the two cities, the difference is most visible by following celebrities (thank you, paparazzi). If only we had their budgets!

New York always seems to produce such sleek and classic looks, whereas L.A. can prove to be overdone and over-bleached. The only thing that’s not “over” is the clothing, which can be very, very sparse. (This look is not for everyone.)

There are exceptions to the generalizations, obviously, but it’s pretty easy to spot a California girl and that’s not always a good thing.

I’m stoked to see LC bawl when Whitney leaves to board the plane and kiss all that crap goodbye. It’s been too long that’s she’s pretended to care what Audrina might have been up to this week. I’m pretty sure she’s going to reverse the “beautiful but stupid” curse that has been placed upon her due to her social life.

What do you think of Whitney’s move? Will she be able to turn herself into a fashionable New Yorker?