Morning Brew – Alison Bechdel and other faves create Queer Pin-Ups

Good morning! 

The first ever out bisexual governor was sworn into office yesterday in Oregon. Yay Kate Brown!

Dana Piccoli will be talking about the Brittana wedding on HuffPost Live‘s Queer View today at 3:55pm EST/12:55 PST. Join the chat!

I don’t mean to alarm you, but Ellen Page is on Instagram now.

Pretty Little Liars director Norman Buckley was a guest on Cabernet and A this week.

A Michigan-based lesbian couple with a six-day-old baby was refused by a pediatrician this week because he “prayed on it” and couldn’t do his job. AND IT IS TOTALLY LEGAL.

Alison Bechdel, Ariel Schrag and other amazing LGBT artists have contributed to this new collection of Queer Pin-Ups, available in March.


Patricia Velasquez talked with Access Hollywood about her relationship with Sandra Bernhard this week.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has decided that Wal-mart discriminated against a lesbian worker when they denied her partner enrollment on her health plan. Jacqueline Cote is hopeful the corporation will pay back all the medical expenses she has incurred from her partner’s cancer diagnosis in 2012.

Stylelite has been trolling lesbian Reddit convos to find out what we think is sexy.

Slate loves how The Fosters is tackling queer childhood and parenting a queer cutie like Jude.

Edie Windsor and Roberta Kaplan want you to sign The People’s Brief if you haven’t already.

Salon praises black queer feminist Dr. Pauli Murray. From the piece:

Pauli Murray was a gender nonconforming person, who favored a masculine-of-center gender performance during her 20s and 30s. She struggled both with her sense of gender identity and with her sexual attraction to women. She asked doctors to administer male hormones to her in the 1930s, and tried to convince one doctor to perform exploratory surgery to see if she had “secreted male genitals.”

Martha Manning and Shelley Brothers, owners of Seattle’s long time lesbian bar the Wild Rose, are going to be the Grand Marshals of Seattle’s 2015 Pride Parade. Well-deserved!

Horseplay: or, The Fickle Mistress, a Protean Picaresque is playing in NYC right now, and the play includes something a little relevant to our interests:

Attempting to break into New York’s bohemian literary scene, [Menken] catches the eye of the rich and powerful Ada Clare (Jan Leslie Harding, hilariously playing the tuxedoed lesbian with an immense mid-Atlantic dialect) and discovers a taste for Sapphic love. But an even bigger literary powerhouse, Alexandre Dumas Pere (Tiffany Abercrombie), turns her back to men and reminds her of her African-American roots. (Dumas was of mixed race.) She’s French; she’s English; she’s queer. Who is she really? “Same as anyone,” Menken blithely replies, “I’m whoever I need to be.”

I love a tuxedoed lesbian!

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