We have plenty of “Bones” to pick about the end of Angela and Roxie

December means many things. Holidays decorations. Hot cocoa. Hellish parking at the mall. But for lesbian and bisexual female TV viewers, it also means all the same-sex relationships they’ve watched in November are well on the road back to heteroville. So, then, it should come as no surprise that on Bones, Angela and Roxie will soon call it quits.

According to EW.com’s Ask Ausiello, the end is near for the former college flames. He reports:

The new Muslim intern I mentioned above makes Angela a soothing mix tape after her heart is broken by Roxie. Coincidentally, (Bones creator) Hart Hanson tells me that the Angela/Hodgins love story is not over. “We’re not done with them,” he says. “But they have some obstacles to overcome.”

Roxie first appeared on Nov. 5 and with the show is on hiatus until Jan. 15, we won’t see the beginning of the end until then. Sure, we all expected their Angela and Roxie’s sweeps month romance to be brief. But that doesn’t make it any less disappointing for it to be over and for Angela to be back to the fellas.

Granted, that is the nature of bisexuality — gender doesn’t matter only attraction and love. But I can’t help but feel exploited by television producers’ use of bisexual female characters on TV this season.

First on Grey’s Anatomy Callica has one of the most ridiculously abrupt ending in the history of ridiculously abrupt same-sex couples breakups on television. Then on House Thirteen equates self-destructive behavior with her bisexuality. And now on Bones, Angela has taken what was a promising and tender portrayal of two women falling back in love and detoured it right on back to the safe straight relationship.

Gee, where have I seen that before? Oh, wait, it was earlier this week when Thirteen and Foreman made “Foreteen” a reality by kissing next to the Christmas tree. Ugh, talk about your Snoreteen. Just, well, blerg.

This being December and all, perhaps I should rethink my wish list. In fact, this year I’m only going to ask for one thing. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a positive, long-term portrayal of a same-sex female relationship on TV.

Oh, and also maybe Tina Fey’s phone number. What? We’re dreaming big here, people.