Morning Brew – Phylicia Rashad cast as lesbian FBI agent in CBS pilot, “For Justice”

Good morning!

Best news: Phylicia Rashad has been cast as a lesbian lead in a new CBS pilot, For Justice. The former Claire Huxtable will play:

Georgina Howe, the head of the FBI’s Civil Rights Division and a “savvy Washington player” experienced in DC’s bare-knuckle brawling after a career spent overcoming discrimination based on her race and sexual orientation.

Maestro Cares Second Annual Gala Dinner - New York - Red Carpet

Selma‘s Ava DuVernay is directing the first episode (!!!!) So this project should pretty much be the best.

Yahoo! Parenting has a really interesting piece: The Challenges of Parenting an Openly Gay Orthodox Teen

Remember that selfie two women posted of themselves kissing next to a known anti-gay Russian politician? They own a lesbian club in St. Petersburg called Infinity, which was raided yesterday for “allowing under-age people to enter and the sale of illegal drugs.” However it all seems a little suspect since that politician, Senator Vitaly Milonov, hinted that he would try to close it down.

Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne is shooting the trans-themed film The Danish Girl, and here’s a first look at him in character. 


The National Enquirer alleges that Rosie O’Donnell cheated on her soon to be ex-wife and now they’re in a custody battle for baby Dakota. Oh how I hope it’s not this sad. Meanwhile, she’s selling her Florida home.

The Star Observer has a rad piece on the Aussie chapters of Dykes on Bikes.

Couple Roisin Prendergast and Ciara Murphy were violently attacked by two men in Ireland last week. Rosin told The Independent:

“We had literally left our apartment only minutes before when these two grown men started shouting abuse at us about being lesbians. Initially we shouted back as we are used to this kind of abuse – but then they walked back towards us and started shoving us roughly.”

She later wrote on Facebook:

“I know our bruises will heal, I know we will be okay but this is not something I am going to let go. Watching someone you love getting hurt while you yourself are getting hurt is not something anyone should ever have to endure straight or gay. This to me was a hate crime. I am finished crying, today starts the first of many actions which will be taken to get justice.”


Police are now investigating, and I hope they find those assholes because they can’t get away with this shit.

There’s another lesbian wedding coming to TV! On Monday, the return of The Following will find Ryan (Kevin Bacon) at the wedding of his niece, Max. 

Out artist K8 Hardy basically invented the selfie.

BuzzFeed has a cute short called Questioning you might enjoy.

Just FYI, there was a little bit of a lesbian twist to this week’s Catfish premiere.

The 100 creator Jason Rothenberg talked Clexa with IGN:

“I think that Lexa is genuinely into Clarke. She definitely finds her powerful and beautiful and intriguing and someone that she can relate to leader to leader and that’s where that probably comes from, all of that emotion. It’s certainly real on her part. … I think that there’s not much to say about it other than that the context about it matters quite a bit. I tweeted about that at the time. I feel like the things that happen, that lead up to it, and the things that happen after it are just as important as the kiss itself…But, I mean it’s genuine, for sure.”

Jane Lynch talked about the Glee finale with TVLine

Out comic Janine Brito is a guest on The JV Club podcast this week.

Ebony has a wonderful essay from Glennisha Morgan about coming out to her mom. An excerpt:

My mother and I had our ups and downs and it took us some time to get where we were. She was always my biggest cheerleader, but I had no idea that she would also be my biggest defender. Once I came out to her, she made it clear that she wasn’t going to allow anyone to negatively criticize me when it came to my sexuality or anything else.

She sounds like an amazing mother.

Speaking of coming out, BuzzFeed’s Gaby Dunn shares her own story in this video.

Nutella doesn’t want the word LESBIAN on its label.

Gotham‘s Victoria Cartagena chatted with NY Castings about playing Renee Montoya and playing scenes with Erin Richards.

Lesbians, we don’t know how to flirt sometimes!

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