“Black Sails” recap (2.6): She Ran into My Knife

Previously on Black Sails, Flint kissed a boy and he liked it, Hornigold sort of forced Flint’s hand about storming the fort, Jack picked Max over Anne when his new crew gave him an ultimatum, Silver held Billy hostage, Vane held Abigail Ashe hostage, and Mrs. Barlow had an idea that could very well save Nassau.

When we last left Nassau, Vane had just launched himself at Flint, knife in hand, and that’s exactly where we pick up again this week. They tumble and fight until Eleanor comes in and fires her rifle.

BLACK SAILS 206-1“If you pop that gum one more time…”

Eleanor looks at both of these men, her men, and tells them that if they don’t man up and handle this like mature adults, she’s going to fire two warning shots into their heads. Flint slumps into a seat and invites Vane to do the same but Vane still has hatred coursing through him. Flint tells Vane that he’ll call off storming the fort if Vane gives him Abigail Ashe, which shocks both Vane and Eleanor. Eleanor says she’s disappointed that he’d back down so easily for a sum of money but Flint says Abigail is worth so much more than her ransom, she’s worth the future of Nassau.

Meanwhile, Captain Jack Rackham has finally set sail again. He delights in the feeling of the ocean spray on his face and the lack of women in his ears. They were following a lead from Max, and luckily for everyone involved, the lead pans out and a ship appears right where she said it would. However, as soon as Jack yells out his orders, another set of sails appears.

Back on Nassau, one of Flint’s men says he can’t stand waiting around anymore, he just has to go see his favorite whore, Charlotte, and his buddy promises to cover for him. Hornigold is also getting antsy but before he can start a revolution, Dufresne sees Billy Bones stumble back to camp. His brothers are happy to see him and he looks overwhelmed but glad to be home.

Across the island, Mr. Guthrie and Mrs. Barlow join Eleanor, Vane and Flint in the Consortium Room.

BLACK SAILS 206-2“I’m here, you’re queer, let’s get this party started.”

Flint tells them all about his idea to use Abigail as the key to open the door to everything they dreamed; a version of Nassau that lets them control their own futures, that lets them name their own governor, that lets them call the shots. He believes this can all be accomplished by using Abigail Ashe to get her father Peter as an ally.

Eleanor points out that Peter Ashe is the founding father and president of the He-Man Pirate Haters Club but Flint says that he and Peter were good friends once, friends who fought for this very goal. Mr. Guthrie agrees that if this plan works, Ashe would indeed be the very ally they needed to accomplish it, but Vane wants to know what’s in it for him. He can’t hold “the promise of a brighter future” in his hand, he can’t buy beer and whores with it, what good is it to him? Flint tells him to name his price, and Vane says he wants his Spanish warship. Eleanor says Flint barely has the ability to offer his ship, since it belongs to his crew too, but Vane has made his point, so he storms off.

Eleanor rushes after him, telling him not to just walk out on this opportunity, but Vane says she’s a smart girl, but she’s blind to all of Flint’s bullshit.

BLACK SAILS 206-3*Shoulda brought my rifle out here…*

At the Inn, Idelle goes to see Max and is surprised to find her casually sifting through leads and not cowering under her bed with three armed men at her door. Max asks what on earth she’s talking about because Max does not cower, and Idelle explains that Anne Bonny has lost her damn mind. The LadyPirate went to the beach to try to be recruited onto another captain’s ship, but when he refused, she took out half his jaw.

Idelle asks why Anne is going crazy and yet Max is here unharmed, and Max says she’s not crazy, she’s adrift. She’s alone, abandoned, and hurt. Max doesn’t know what Anne will do next, but she knows Max won’t be hiding from her friend and sometimes-lover.

BLACK SAILS 206-4 “My cleavage will calm her.”

She won’t treat her like a rabid dog, she won’t act afraid. Max instructs Idelle to tell the girls to keep a safe distance and let her know when Anne gets back, but that she doesn’t want any guards anywhere near her.

Charlotte reports to Max and says her man came to see her and that it’s true they were strictly prohibited from going to the brothel, and wonders if maybe they should just drop it if it’s that important of a secret, but Max encourages her to just be patient and listen to what he has to say.

BLACK SAILS 206-5 “Surely nothing will go wrong!”

Flint thanks Mrs. Barlow for going to fetch Eleanor when she heard Flint and Vane fighting, but Mr. Guthrie interrupts this sweet moment with a heavy dose of reality. He says that the only problem he sees with Flint’s plan to get Peter Ashe on his side is how it can’t really play alongside his plan to seize the Urca gold. Flint isn’t one for rational thought once he has his heart set on something; he’s sure he can work both plans out.

Eleanor comes back and tells Flint that Vane agreed to the deal, and Flint says he doesn’t believe her for a second. She’s persuasive, but not THAT persuasive. Eleanor narrows her eyes and says she is guaranteeing the terms of the deal, and she is not accepting follow-up questions on the matter.


Out on the ocean blue, Captain Jack is almost done with his first successful pirate venture when the crew of the second set of sails they saw, boards. The captain of the other pirate crew introduces himself as Linus Harcourt of the Goliath. Rackham, sassy to a fault, makes fun of his choice of ship name. Harcourt takes it in stride and says they have three options. 1) The crews fight. Which, looking at the meager offerings of Rackham’s crew, wouldn’t be in our Mustachioed friend’s best interest. 2) The two captain’s fight, which also probably wouldn’t go too well. Or 3) they sit down and decide on terms of how to split the loot.