Lifetime is looking for lesbian moms

Motherhood is a calling — one that I’m quite grateful not to have. Don’t get me wrong — I have the greatest respect for mothers. In fact, I had one of my very own for many years. But I just can’t imagine taking on the pain of having a baby, much less the responsibility of raising a child.

Women who want to be mothers, however, often go to great lengths to achieve their goal. And the options for prospective parents who have trouble conceiving are greater than ever. One of the most recent options, relatively speaking, is infertility treatment. So, Lifetime TV’s plan to do a documentary series about fertility challenges among American women is not surprising. But the network’s call for a lesbian couple to be part of the show is groundbreaking.

The production company, Left/Right Productions, contacted the Family Equality Council to help find a lesbian couple that is in the process of infertility treatment and is willing to share the experience on camera. The press release reads, in part:

We are committed to telling the real stories of those of you that are currently navigating your way through the world of infertility treatments and we hope this will draw attention to the struggles that you endure in your journey to have a family.

If you have questions or are interested in exploring this opportunity — with no obligation to participate — email ASAP. Left/Right hopes to have the cast in place by Dec. 31 to begin production in mid-January.

Cheers to Lifetime for acknowledging that lesbian couples are families, too. I’d love to see so many mombians apply that they decide to feature same-sex couples in more than one episode. What a great opportunity to show that a gay couple is just like any other couple, with the same joys and challenges.

What are your thoughts about this documentary series? Are any of you planning to apply?