“Real World: Skeletons” recap (3.12): No bottle service

A bouquet of flowers has arrived for Madison with a note telling her to meet the mystery gift giver for lunch. It turns out to be Skyler, her non-evil ex. Madison is ecstatic. He tells her he is moving into the house. She becomes even more ecstatic. Back at the house Tony tells Jason he hopes mystery man isn’t the ex who got into drugs with Madison. If it is, they plot to throw him out of the house.

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Nicole is back and suddenly it is twice as loud in the Real World House. Jason tells her about meeting his daughter in North Carolina, and then she gets so excited that she knocks a mug off the kitchen counter.

Madison brings Skyler to the house, and Tony gets jealous immediately. If he were a cartoon character, steam would be shooting out of his ears.

Bruno takes Carla to a steakhouse. Carla tells Bruno she will do his hair for free, and he tells her a man should always treat a lady. He turns into a sourpuss. Back at the house Carla tells him he is acting like an imbecile. Bruno says they are done. Carla shakes her head and leaves.

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The castmates go to a club, and Skyler squeezes lemon juice in his own eye. Then Tony gets drunk and announces to Madison, “There’s no Tony 2.0. There’s just Tony!” With these clowns around, who needs to go to the circus?

Back at the house Tony gets increasingly angry, and he breaks the vase of the bouquet of flowers, and removes Skyler’s bed to toss over the balcony. Nicole stops him, and he crawls back to bed. “Yay!” says Sylvia about Tony. “A little taste of your own medicine!”

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Bruno gets on the phone with Carla and apologizes. They make up, but Carla tells him she doesn’t want to be on camera anymore.

And now, an interlude! Jason puts Nicole’s underwear on and runs through the house!

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Tony and Skyler talk it out. They say they’re cool with each other, even though there is still some aggressive energy between them. Skyler leaves and Madison tells us that the fact that she mended her friendship with Skyler shows that is could be possible to mend other friendships she lost because of her addiction.

The castmates go drinking again. Nicole meets a guy, Zack, who keeps buying her drinks. She tells us she is accepting the drinks. “He’s good conversation,” she says. Anything is good conversation after a few shots, I guess. Then she pumps her fist to the music.

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Tony sees a bottle of wine and steals it. He gets caught and gives the staff a credit card which is declined. Madison starts yelling at him, telling him that stealing is the reason why she went to jail. Nicole has a plan. The Wolf Pack must stick together.  She makes out with Zack and convinces him to pay for the bottle.

Afterwards, an annoyed Nicole approaches Tony. “I kissed a dude for that,” she tells him.

Bruno and Carla get in a cab and run away from the cameras. Carla asks Bruno if he will get in trouble.

“I don’t care,” says Bruno.

In the van, Sylvia calls Tony white trash. Sylvia tells Nicole that she lets Tony and Bruno get away with everything. Tony stomps around the house yelling, and he blames his actions on his destitute background. Jason, also from a poor background, gets angry, telling him that is no excuse. He and Sylvia agree that if either one of them had stolen a bottle Nicole would be up in their faces.

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Nicole hears Jason complaining about her and runs up the stairs to confront him.

To be continued….