“The Returned” premieres tonight on A&E with major lesbian characters

The Returned premieres tonight on A&E and the show is very closely based on the French series Les Revenants. Both versions have a central lesbian relationship and the American show’s executive producer Raelle Tucker says the pairing even more important than on the original.

Sandrine Holt (The L Word) plays Julie Han, “a hardworking compassionate doctor with no social life.” That is until her ex comes back around. Agnes Bruckner (Breaking the Girls) is Nikki, “whip smart but with a chip on her shoulder” and also chief deputy. Their relationship is made more complicated by Julie’s meeting 8-year-old Victor, who “latches on to her very quickly.”


We won’t meet Nikki until Episode 2, but tonight’s premiere establishes Julie’s new relationship with Victor, as well as the rest of the drama surrounding a town where deceased loved ones are returning seemingly unharmed. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at creating the brooding atmosphere and the creepy cool show The Returned promises to be. (You’ll be thrilled to find out faves like Michelle Forbes and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are also in the stellar cast.)

The Returned airs tonight on A&E 10/9c. We’ll have weekly recaps from the fabulous Jenna Lykes. We’ll also be chatting with one of the show’s out writers, Gianna Sobol, so let us know if you have any questions for her as you watch the season.