Jessica Stroup says she’d be into some girl-on-girl-on-boy action

It’s a familiar story: girl meets boy, boy likes girl, boy and girl break up, boy meets new girl, then old girl likes new girl and still likes boy so they all end up in a threesome.

Uh, not really, but I guess if you’re the boy, it might have crossed your mind.

Last week, StuntDouble told you that Lauren London‘s bisexual character on 90210 was going to be getting a girlfriend. However, she’s been flirting with Tristan Wilds‘ character, Dixon, and stirring up some controversy between him and his girlfriend, Silver (Jessica Stroup). It’s quite possible (sadly) that Christina’s female love could be a diversion, a titillation tactic, if you will, to get Dixon more interested.

Bisexuals: just here to keep you interested, right? Wrong!

Since the storyline has yet to play out, I could be totally wrong, and Christina could really love her new girlfriend and leave Dixon alone. Or Christina could end up with both Dixon and Silver, if Jessica Stroup has her way. When asked by a reporter if a threesome is possible, she answered how they likely anticipated:

Let’s do it! That would be real steamy. I wouldn’t be opposed!

In my dream storyline, this scene wouldn’t involve Dixon. However, the girls’ lives all seem to center around him. Stroup said:

She is trying to steal my man! So this is going to test the boundaries of how far and how much Dixon and Silver care about each other, where it’s gonna go.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Silver and Christina end up together (despite most people thinking she should be with BFF Annie).

In the meantime, I’m interested to see who they will cast as Christina’s lady love, and holding out hope that Dixon will get wrapped up in his lacrosse or whatever.