UK’s “Survivors” remake features bisexual character

A character on the BBC mini-series Survivors was revealed to play for our team this week — now let’s hope she doesn’t die.

Not to be confused with the CBS reality show Survivor, this UK program is a remake of Terry Nation‘s novel-inspired 1970s hit series about a flu epidemic that wipes out almost the entire human race.

As the tagline goes: “One virus, millions dead, a few survivors.” So uplifting.

However, this new incarnation set in the present day is way more hip, as Anya the cute doctor (played by Affinity‘s Zoe Tapper) brought up her girlfriend for the first time on last night’s episode. Unfortunately, it was in reference to her girlfriend having just died from the bloody flu. (Thanks for the tip, talkingguineapig!)

Anya, who is doing her best to help flu victims who have fallen ill, says she’s been with men before so wasn’t sure what she “was,” but had fallen in love with her friend, Jenny (Freema Agyeman), who died in the first episode. Oddly, the scenes they’d shared together depicted them as friends, and nothing more.

Anya and Jenny

The last part of the mini-series airs next Tuesday on the BBC, so UK readers will be able to find out if Anya has any more to say on her relationship with Jenny, such as why she didn’t act like she loved her when she was dying in the hospital of the flu. That sort of seems like the time when you couldn’t care less about who knows about your bisexuality, wouldn’t you say? Also, will Anya herself survive?