“Black Sails” recap (2.7): You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light

Previously on Black Sails, Hornigold declared that he wanted to captain his men plus Flint’s men, Max supported Anne even after she went on a bit of a violence and murder spree, Billy got offered pardon for him and nine men if he turns in Flint, and Eleanor kidnapped the kidnapped Abigail Ashe so she could bring her to Flint to bring to Lord Ashe.

Eleanor is sitting in Abigail’s cell while she reminisces about her life before she was taken as a prisoner. She remembers music, and a woman who made her mother laugh like her father never did. Her name was Miranda Hamilton, and she remembers thinking the woman was the prettiest woman she’d ever seen. Eleanor assures her that Mrs. Hamilton, still the kind woman she remembers, is waiting for her on this very island. Abigail is holding a note from the artist formerly known as Mrs. Hamilton in her hand, but she’s confused; Captain Vane promised her no harm would come to her. Eleanor says that things have changed, that Captain Flint will protect her now. The walls Abigail had started to let down slam back into place; Mrs. Hamilton she remembers by face, but Flint she remembers by name. Her father told her that he was the Meanest Meanie in all of Meantown. Eleanor pink swears that she didn’t come down to the dank dungeons just to lead her to certain death and asks Abigail to trust her, to trust Mrs. Hamilton.

BLACK SAILS 207-1How could you not trust this face?!

In John Silver’s absence, Billy reports the projected results of the Flint vs. Hornigold election. Flint isn’t worried, he’s so sure about his plans that he’s sure that his sureness will become the sureness of his men. If you looked up “cocksure” in the dictionary, Flint’s face would be there in absence of a definition.

The pirates hold council and while Hornigold gives his lofty speech, reminding the men of everything Flint has ever done wrong, Silver comes to tell Flint that the men they sent to watch the gold are back far sooner than planned, because the gold is gone. This, unsurprisingly, causes a bit of a ruckus.

Back at the brothel, the bloody clothes from Anne’s temper tantrum are being burned, but Max saves Anne’s hat just in time. She brings the hat to Anne and tells her that all the evidence is gone, that the story they crafted to cover Charlotte and her lover’s absence is being spread as she speaks, that Anne is safe now.

BLACK SAILS 207-2It’s funny how similarly Eleanor and Anne needed her.

Max tucks Anne’s hat safely away and gives her a dress to wear, saying she knows it won’t fit but that it will do for now. And it’s all so symbolic it hurts. Max says as soon as she’s ready, and not a second before, they will discuss what happens next. As Max starts to leave, she’s stopped by Anne’s voice. Anne tells her that she was married to a man once, a man who hurt her, who “shared” her, who burned her, body and soul. Once she was in a tavern being tossed around when a mustachioed man came and slit her husband’s throat. She was thirteen years old and was sure Jack Rackham saved her life, but now she wonders if he took away her chance to learn to fend for herself, like Elphaba and the Cowardly Lion.

BLACK SAILS 207-3Meow.

Anne says that she went with Jack, and she learned to be like him and his men, learned to be a pirate. But now she doesn’t know what she’s become, and she doesn’t know who she really is. She’s truly a ship lost in the ocean and it breaks Max’s goddamned heart.

BLACK SAILS 207-4 Being a harbor is in her nature.

Idelle and her breasticles are standing outside Anne’s door when Max leaves, and she has bad news for her Madame. You see, they’re not afraid of men; men are a predictable sort of monster and they’ve learned to handle themselves around them. For example, having a machete on hand at all times. Anne, on the other hand, is a different animal entirely. And if she killed Charlotte, who had never done anyone any harm, what chance did the rest of them stand? Idelle is worried Max is just as scared as them, and says that they can find some men that can…”take care of” Anne for them, which is the point where Max stops listening politely. Max says that not a soul on this godforsaken island gave a single, solitary fuck about what was happening to her on the beach except Anne. (Which isn’t true, because Eleanor did, but whatever.) Anne saved her, and it’s the least she can do to save Anne right back. Max says that if she so much as hears a whisper of a rumor of someone trying to “take care of” Anne, they will regret it so hard.

BLACK SAILS 207-5Don’t make me demote you to Second Best Whore!

However, if any of the girls would like to talk about their feelings, she’s really good at processing.

Flint convinces Silver to keep being the mouthpiece for his cause, despite the Urca gold being gone, and while he’s giving his soapbox speech, Dufresne and Billy muse over his power of persuasion. Dufresne cannot stop thinking about the pardons Billy told him about and says he’s going to round up eight men who would be more than willing to throw Flint under the bus (buggy?) and sets out to find them.