“The Real World: Skeletons” (30.13): The End

It’s the season finale of The Real World: Skeletons and, conveniently, Grace Chu is unavailable to recap so I’m filling in. Which is fine because I watch this show anyway and always feel some type of way about the lesbians who are on the show.

This episode picks up exactly where we left off, with Jason upset that Nicole (AKA THE LESBIAN) is defending Tony for being a drunk douche bag, per usual. (ICYMI, he stole a bottle at the bar and no one in the house could afford to buy it which is extremely embarrassing for all involved. Nicole kissed a random guy at the bar to help pay for it so she should probably be the one who’s mad but nope.) Jason is so angry that he pushes Nicole. Nicole is almost laughing in his face because she can’t believe this is happening. Security steps in just as Nicole lunges at her friend, and Sylvia helps to pin her to the floor. (The Real World: They’re just like us?)

pushed floor

“Jason, you threw me and then you decided to pick me up!” Nicole can’t believe her male best friend put her hands on her. She takes off down the street and kicks over a trash can, refusing to listen to Madison who wants to help. 


Inside the house, Jason is sequestered in the confessional where he tries to calm down. He tells the camera he regrets getting so wild and wishes he would have just gone to bed. “I didn’t think I could get that angry,” he said. “I hurt her and put her in a position she’d never been in before. That was wrong.”

Here’s a real thing I feel while watching this show, especially this season: There are so many entitled guys out there that think they can disrespect women, and there are a lot of women who still accept this as par for the course, and it’s fucking wrong. Madison and Tony’s two exes allowed him to douche all over them while Bruno’s temper is not only scary but upsetting to the point that I wonder how he could be put in a situation like this with producers knowing (and likely hoping) he could be set off by the simplest thing. All three of the men in The Real World: Skeletons house treated their housemates and romantic interests as insignificant sidekicks that were allowed to hang out as long as they weren’t forcing them to look at their behavior and see how fucked up it was. The only woman the boys seemed to give any kind of respect to was Nicole, allowing her into their “wolf pack” and speaking to her (for the most part) like she was one of the guys. And now Jason has not only brought up her sexuality at work in a bizarre manner during a fight over taking the trash out, but put his hands on her, and this is someone he supposedly cares about. Perhaps his seeing her as “one of the guys” makes her even more susceptible to his violence, and that is not right. 

There was a time when I watched The Real World and could see the good intentions, but with Skeletons, I’ve mostly felt disgusted by the males they’ve chosen and how they’ve interacted with their female counterparts. If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that twenty-something dudes are as privileged and entitled as ever, and they see women as props or toys. Have I mentioned that Jason’s baby mama just delivered a baby girl, like, a week ago?

(BTW, we’re only three minutes into this episode. Moving on.)