“The Real World: Skeletons” (30.13): The End

Jason goes to bed and Nicole eventually returns to the house. In an interview with the producer, Nicole says Jason hurt her a lot—mentally. 


“That’s the one thing I take offense to,” Nicole tells Madison. “You don’t don’t disrespect a woman, ever. Sorry. You crossed the line. Done.”

But Nicole still says she feels safe in the house. “We all do something stupid in our lives. None of us are perfect,” she says. “Does that justify your actions? No.”

The next morning, Madison wants to talk about what happened but Nicole isn’t interested. “That’s the first and last time that will ever happen with anybody,” she says. 

Violetta asks Sylvia what happened, and Sylvia says she’ll never agree with Jason picking Nicole up and putting her against the wall. Um, good.

Nicole and Bruno are walking in the rain and Bruno actually tells the producer “there’s no excuse for throwing somebody like that” and that he supports Nicole “100 percent.” I’m kind of surprised considering how physical Bruno has reacted in the past, but he’s level-headed for the moment.

Sylvia and Tony hash out their problems from the bottle stealing because, well, in comparison to what went down with Nicole and Jason, they are able to apologize and hug it out. “We only have a week left, why are we going to sit and argue?” she says, and then tells Tony they have to fix J and Nicole. 

Jason poetically walks through the pouring rain. He wants to be forgiven. Later at home, he asks to speak with Nicole and she says, “You’re dead to me. I can’t.” She’s holding back tears and heads to the confessional to be alone, but Jason follows. “I can never forgive you,” she says. “I want nothing to do with you.” 


Jason finally relents, realizing she’s serious, and Nicole gives a confession of how she’ll never forget him putting his hands on her.

“Men would never do what you did. You mentally hurt me. You took it to a different level,” she says, and tears start to flow. She’s extremely hurt and has to live with the person who did this to her. Is this good TV? It doesn’t make me feel good.

Everyone else wants Nicole and Jason to make up because it’s the last week and they want to keep the peace. But Madison admits she would have freaked out and says Nicole is dealing so much better than she would, despite Madison having been attacked by Sylvia and Violetta weeks before. Madison doesn’t want Nicole to feel alone, and they share an embrace that Nicole really needs.

A producer calls the house and says they are sending in a therapist for some group therapy. Jason’s like “Sounds great!” while Nicole is a little less thrilled. “I don’t feel that I need therapy. I’m perfectly capable of figuring out the situation by myself.” She is refusing to come and when 4 o’clock roles around, Joyce the therapist arrives, TV-ready, to find Bruno and Nicole hiding away in the house. Nicole is sitting upstairs, is listening in, watching through the glass. Joyce offers helpful advice like, “IT IS NEVER OK TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON A WOMAN OR ANYBODY ELSE.”

therapy icole

Nicole says to the camera she doesn’t know how Jason will be a good father to his daughter if he thinks abuse is, you know, acceptable. Joyce says even verbal abuse isn’t OK, and the housemates are all silent and nodding like they totally get it. (Do they? Madison does.) Jason opens up to say he’s sad that Nicole is ignoring him and it’s bothering him because he cares about her a lot.

“We hurt the people we love the most because we take those relationships for granted,” Joyce says. She says she hears Jason’s love for Nicole and finds it “powerful.” Nicole decides to go take a nap and I don’t blame her.

After Joyce leaves, Jason says he’s feeling emotional. “To lose Cole, my partner in crime….it sucks.” And then, the last skeleton arrives. “I came by to see Jason,” the man says. He’s wearing a suit and it’s awkward because even Jason doesn’t know who the hell he is. They shake hands. It’s Jason’s father. “I’m here today, that’s all that matters,” he says, but Jason is freaking the fuck out. He’s crying and throwing himself around on the couch. Talk about an emotional week. His dad just keeps talking, but Jason is collecting his thoughts. He hasn’t met his father ever. His dad left him and his mom, and so when he says “Your mom is a decent person,” Jason is quick to say, “She’s a wonderful person!”

Lafayette, Jason’s dad, tells the producer it was a “one night affair.” He knows nothing about her or Jason. Jason starts to be honest about how bad it hurt not to have a father growing up. He wanted to be loved by a father figure and Jason said it has made him angry for so many years. Lafayette feels “egoistically selfish” and asks for forgiveness. Jason forgives him, but will not forget. He hopes it shows maturity. 

Upstairs, Tony and Nicole are listening in and Nicole says she’s unfazed by said maturity. She’s glad Jason’s meeting his father and that it could be a life-changing moment for him, but she doesn’t have a comment on it. Their altercation is still too fresh. 

Meanwhile, Lafayette is telling Jason about his modeling career and Jason says he has seen some of the photos. They end on that high note and Lafayette says he hopes to see Jason again before he leaves town. Jason immediately calls his mom and she can’t believe her son met his father. “I know it’s a lot,” she says. “But everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens without God’s permission.” The powers that be could not have planned this episode better. So many teachable moments! Now they just have to hope Nicole will get in on some of that forgiveness to have a happy ending.