“The Real World: Skeletons” (30.13): The End

Later, Nicole is having fun skateboarding with Bruno while Madison and Jason are having a heart-to-heart. TBH, I wasn’t a huge fan of hers at first but she truly seems to have a good heart, despite being a little naive (a lot naive when it comes to Tony). Tony and Madison say they are going to make it work after they leave the house. They are certainly making it work right now. Tony runs around the house mid-sex.

Everyone is packing up in their last few days and trying to enjoy each other’s company. Everyone but Bruno is going out to a sports bar, and hopefully they keep Tony from stealing anyone’s drinks. After a few shots, Violetta tells Madison she’s sorry she judged her. They have a moment.

Nicole tells Sylvia she couldn’t participate in the therapy session because she didn’t want to feel sad and it would make her uncomfortable. “You are the glue that holds the house together,” Sylvia says. Nicole promises to talk to Jason, but not right now. Which is great because it’s definitely not the ideal time. She decides to go back to the house to do push-ups, which is the most lesbian thing she’s said in a while.


Nicole says she misses the person she thought Jason was but doesn’t think she can can get past what happened between them. She really wants to leave the house and forget about him. But the next day, she asks him for five minutes and he obliges. Nicole explains how hurt she was by what he did. “Nobody has ever put their hands on me ever in my life. That’s something I came to the conclusion I could never forgive you for that, ever. I can’t. Even as much as I want to say I want to forgive you, I’ll never forget the way you made me feel in that moment. I wasn’t me, in that moment. I’m still not me. And that hurts because you took a part of me I didn’t realize was in there.”

Jason says that it was a mistake and it’s not his true character. He’s hurt that she’s hurting. They come to an understanding that maybe some day, Nicole can get past it. But not this fast, not right now. Jason seems to understand. Hopefully the other roommates will, too.

Tony does the dishes in the house for the first time ever (good job, Tony) and Jason goes to meet Lafayette, the model. He shows Jason some photos of his siblings and invites him to a family function. Jason is happy to have made this connection and Lafayette seems relieved. 

It’s the last night for everyone in the house and SURPRISE! Bruno doesn’t want to go out with the roommates. (I don’t miss him.) He stays home to hang out with Carla, who seems like a nice woman that is way too good for Bruno.

At the club (a straight one. They never go to Boystown on this damn show), Nicole and Jason are dancing and hugging but she says, “I’m still mad at you!” but then says she loves him. They do some wolf pack handshakes and I can hear the cameramen high fiving. (JK I can’t but you know they were psyched.)


The last day in the house, Nicole is wearing a shirt with her own selfie on it. Bruno calls her a “ride or die Alpha wolf pack leader” and only says goodbye to her. He doesn’t care if the other housemates are annoyed by his actions. He only cares about himself. (SERIOUSLY, CARLA, FIND SOMEONE BETTER!)


Violetta says she feels like she’s become a better person after facing two ex-friends as her skeletons in the house. She leaves and then Nicole is next. “What did I learn being here? That I’m not as mentally strong as I thought I was. I think I need to probably open up more. I can’t always be the hard ass that people see me as.” She hugs her roomies, except Jason. She cries to the producer saying she will be happy when it’s over. “Because I’m not happy with the way that things went, but you can’t change the situation.”

“She couldn’t do it, J,” Tony says to Jason. “She was going to break down if she did.”


Jason says he’s “good, bro. Life goes on.” He wishes Nicole could forgive him and hopes some day they’ll rekindle their relationship when she’s ready.”

Tearfully, the rest of the roommates part ways with loving words about one another, and Tony still doesn’t deserve Madison’s good-natured, well-intended heart.