“Newlyweds: The First Year” recap (2.1): Vow or Never

Newlyweds Season 2 opens just days before each couple’s wedding. In our introduction to Sam and Laura, we find out that they met in their sorority in college. They don’t seem interested in labels and, throughout the episode, neither of them adamantly identifies as lesbian or bisexual. Laura says, “I met the person that I was meant to be with, and that happened to be a woman.”

We get a sneak peek at Sam and Laura’s lifestyle, which is a pretty lavish one. Sam has a multi-million dollar estate, and her having more money than Laura is clearly a source of tension in the relationship. “I hate that I’m spending your money,” says Laura. Like most of the couples in the show, their sex life is also on the table as a possible source of tension. “We should be having sex all the time,” says Sam. At least for now, though, the good seems to far outweigh the bad. “I just couldn’t imagine a world without her in it,” says Sam.


Sam and Laura walk into a nail salon to get a manicure and pedicure. The manicurist asks Sam what the special occasion is, and when she says she’s getting married, the manicurist wants to know, “Who is this lucky guy?” This is s moment to which queer ladies will relate strongly. From taxi drivers to leg waxers, people are always asking this innocuous question that forces you to decide if you feel like “outing” yourself to a stranger. Sam takes the plunge and points to Laura. The manicurist apologizes as the women dive into their backstory. “We met at Emerson College in our sorority,” says Sam. “She pledged under me, I became her big sister,” says Laura, “I never considered myself a lesbian, until I met her, and then clearly that was the case.”

Laura continues, “She’s the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. I think we crossed a sorority line that you’re not supposed to cross.” “Oh, we definitely have crossed a sorority line,” adds Sam.


Laura and Sam say they’ve had our ups and downs over seven years of dating. Sam says that her mom passed away in 2011. “Getting through all of that made me know it was time to take the next step and I asked you to marry me,” she tells Laura. We cut to a home video of the two women’s engagement.

Home video

Sam and Laura say that after their engagement, they moved in together and got two dogs.

Sam and Laura get in their car post-manicure and talk about how it is their last time being single in Manhattan.