“Newlyweds: The First Year” recap (2.1): Vow or Never

Sam talks about her financial situation. Her mom left her and her brother a mult-million dollar estate to share. The family has a beautiful house on the water in Sarasota.

Sam's House

Sam says she is living off of a monthly allowance until she is 30, when she’ll get half the estate. Sam is a content producer. “I borrowed $500,000 from the estate that my mom left to start my own production company,” she says, “It’s a lot of pressure to make sure that I succeed when I borrowed that kind of money.”

Meanwhile, Laura is a freelance writer of non-fiction, personal essay and memoir. “It’s frustrating sometimes being the have-not in the relationship,” Laura says, “ because everybody wants to judge you for it. She has the money. I really bring very little financially to the table.” Sam looks at her and says, “But you bring so much everywhere else.”

Lunch w Dad

We get to know Sam’s family, which is a very raucous, no-filter, tight-knit Jewish clan. Sam’s dad asks questions like, “Do you think I should dye my eyebrows?” and tells them he’s trying to get testosterone shots to “feel 18 again.” At this point, Laura and Sam are pretty uncomfortable. Laura says out loud, “this family has a filter problem,” and Sam adds, “There’s not even a filter.” Laura complains, “I could’ve just married a simple-” and Sam’s dad cuts her off with, “a dude?” This comment doesn’t even phase Laura. At each point when someone brings up how they could be with a dude, both women seem  more amused than frustrated.

Laura also explains to the camera that she was raised Catholic and her family has clear boundaries. She also says that Sam’s family drives her crazy, which is how she knows she loves them.


A tired Sam and Laura hit the gym. The trainer asks Sam, “You guys gonna have kids? Who will be pregnant?” Sam says they will both be pregnant, but not at the same time. The trainer asks if the father will be a black guy. Sam laughs and says, “We’re calling you first.”

The gym scene goes on to explore the fact that Sam and Laura will never sleep with a man again—even though they’ve been together, and not dating men, for the past seven years.

Sam says, “I’ve experimented with both men and women. I’ve just had a lot of really crazy experiences.” Laura, on the other hand, admits that before Sam, she had no serious relationships. When she met Sam, she was shocked, “I had never felt that for anyone,” she says. “I realized fairly young that she was the match for me and I wanted to make it work.” Rather than saying she realized she was gay when se met Sam, Laura seems to have a different perspective—her match just happened to be a woman.

As Laura is stretching with her male trainer, Sam jokes, “This is it for her. No more boys,” and Laura chimes in, “It’s my last touch.”

In the middle of this stretching scene that is filled with sexual tension, Sam reveals that she is still close with a lot of her exes, who will be at the wedding. “I don’t worry about her exes,” says Laura “I don’t care. She loves me and I trust that.”

The trainer jokes with Laura that she’s going to die by age 60 without a man. Sam jokes that Laura looks like she’s enjoying all the stretching that her trainer is helping her with. Laura says she is and then tells the trainer, “Now, get off me!”