“Newlyweds: The First Year” recap (2.1): Vow or Never

One day before the wedding, Laura is putting her dress in the car when her friend Carie asks her about her pre-nuptial agreement. Laura explains that Sam was required to sign a pre-nup because she has an estate to protect. Laura tells the camera that she didn’t want to tell anyone about the pre-nup at first because she didn’t want people to think she was after Sam’s money. “I fell in love with Sam before she knew there was any money,” she says.

Laura then shares with her friend, “It just kind of freaks me out. If she were to die three days after the wedding, not only would I be heartbroken, I could also be homeless.” Carie assures Laura that she’ll be OK. Laura agrees, then jokes, “If I become a multi-millionaire, it protects me, too.”

An interview with Sam confirms that the purpose of the pre-nup is to protect Sam’s brother, with whom she shares the estate.

Wedding day starts out with high stress as Sam makes calls from a golf cart about the shuttle for guests at the hotel. Laura becomes impatient and says she is going to take a shower. ”She obsesses over little details,” says Laura, “She’s a control freak. She’s a handful.”

The stress continues with the two of them getting their hair done. Sam says she is looking at the timeline for the evening so she won’t feel stressed later. Laura looks annoyed. Sam confesses to the camera, “I’m so OCD and so controlling. I think it’s really frustrating for her.”

We cut to Laura standing on a dock in a green dress. She says she has always wanted to wear a green dress, even before she met Sam or thought about whom she would marry.  She repeats again, “In my situation, my match was a woman.” Sam, wearing a cream-colored dress, walks to the end of the dock to meet Laura.

Sam on Dock

The storyline inevitably drifts back to the fact that the two women are not marrying men today. Sam says in an interview that she was worried Laura would want to be with a man again. “That’s something that you can never give your partner, ever,” says Sam. “But I can’t imagine my life without her being a part of it.”

Laura adds her own “marrying a woman” fears to the mix. “Standing in front of everyone and reading her my vows scares the shit out of me. But I’m willing to be scared.”

Laura explains further, “When I first met Sam, her family had always known that she slept with boys, slept with girls, dated both.” But for Laura’s family, “It was weird for my parents when Sam and I were really together. And they were nervous to tell their brothers and sisters and my grandparents. But now my parents are so excited for the wedding. My mom has told Sam like please don’t ever leave Laura. I can’t lose you.”

Sam and Laura admit they are nervous about their big kiss after their vows. “We’ve been practicing our wedding kiss for seven years,” they say. Laura says, “I’ve never kissed her in front of most of my family so I wanted it to be a good kiss.”

Sam Ceremony

The reception is a brief one, but lovely, held outside by the water, with very enthusiastic family members and friends filling out the outdoor amphitheater. Laura’s vows are particularly memorable: “Sam, I may never be the superlative wife, our union may never be perfect. But it will be raucous and unruly and perfectly us.” They hesitate before their big kiss, but then make it a good one.

Wedding kiss

At the wedding reception, things get a bit dicey. Sam’s dad makes a toast that starts to go off the rails, prompting the brides to yell ,“wrap it up!” Laura unveils even more of her “coming out” story. “When I first told people I was with Sam, my mom tried to handle it but said ‘do you ever see yourself with a man again?’ Once she embraced it, she became the kind of woman who was like I have a gay child, I love her.”

Sam is having fun at the reception, and being very affectionate with people who are not the bride. Laura reminds us that many of Sam’s friends are also her exes, and that Sam has a hard time severing ties once an emotional connection has been made. We see shots of Sam kissing a friend, grabbing another friend’s butt, and Laura seems nervous.

Sam and friend

In the final moments of the show, we see what is in store for Sam and Laura—both the good and the bad. Laura asks, “Are you still glad you married me?” to which Sam responds, “Yeah, I mean I thought a little more sex would come with the deal.” Sam talks about going to therapy, while Laura tells her to “go find some sperm if you’re in such a rush” to have kids. Sam also talks about her fear of running out of money and her company not making it. Finally, Laura asks, “Who are you buying $96 worth of chocolate for?”

Between their financial tension, the tapering of a hot sex life after being together for so long, having children, and Sam’s tendency to keep up with her exes, I’m sure there will be just as many good times as dramatic ones in store for these two women who have “found their match.”

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