“Black Sails” recap (2.08): Every breath you take, every move you make

Previously on Black Sails, Eleanor and Flint gathered some allies and set out on a goal to make Nassau a self-governing island, Max has big plans (including getting the Urca gold for herself) and needs Anne Bonny to help her, and Eleanor stole Abigail from Vane and left him to die at the hands of his own crew.

Abigail wakes up from a nightmare and finds herself being comforted by Mrs. Barlow, and while she’s still on a ship like she was in her dream, the people around her are more man than monster. She writes in her diary that these pirates have been kind to her, even giving her writing materials, which help her convince herself that these men are just gentle sailors tasked with taking her home. But she knows this is just an illusion.

Black Sails 208-1Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.

She wonders if they’re behaving for Flint’s sake, and wonders what would happen if he decided to let his monsters loose. Flint comes in and she promptly closes her journal and scurries away. Flint sits down with Mrs. Barlow and discuss Abigail, about how she’s a grown woman. Miranda hadn’t really notice how many years had passed while she was alone in that house, and how much they’ve all changed. They both still recognize each other despite the changes, but they wonder: Will Peter recognize them?

At the brothel, Featherstone storms past Idelle and bangs on Max’s office door. He starts shouting about how nervous he is, lying to his men about why they’re emptying out their ship, and also he has other concerns like where will they even put the gold when they get it back to Nassau? Max tells him to calm the eff down and just trust her. She’s come too far, lost too much, to turn back now. She sends him away.

Black Sails 208-2 Bored now.

Jack is still pouting so Max asks if he’s mad because Anne left or because Max helped her leave, and Jack says it’s neither. It’s just that he thought he knew Anne, truly knew her, and now he doesn’t, and he’s not sure if something changed or if he never really knew her in the first place. And while he probably misses her, his stalwart companion, he says maybe it’s for the best that she left.

Downstairs, a pretty woman is watching everyone in the Inn until something sends her straight to the butcher. She tells the butcher to pass a message to the woman of the house, and it’s Mrs. Mapleton, the old madame of the brothel. The one Max ousted. Mapleton pays her for intel about Featherstone meeting with Jack and Max. The woman asks who is even giving her all this money for information, but Mapleton pays her extra to stop asking questions.

Black Sails 208-3 Because no one would voluntarily go against Eleanor Guthrie.

Eleanor is in her office ending a meeting with a gentleman who tells her that there has been no news from the fort, meaning Vane’s men are either plotting something or choosing a new captain. After he leaves, Mrs. Mapleton comes in and passes on the news she learned; she says when Eleanor first employed her to keep eyes and ears out on the brothel, that Eleanor was overestimating Max, blinded by love. But now Mrs. Mapleton knows Eleanor had good reason to be wary, because something is, in fact, afoot.

Mrs. Mapleton tells Eleanor that the story is that Charlotte and Logan ran off to Providence together, but Mapleton doesn’t believe it for a second, because the girl had asked her old madame to hold onto her life savings for her, and never came back to retrieve it. So two people who almost definitely knew the whereabouts of the Urca gold are mysteriously gone, and now everyone on Flint’s crew thinks the gold is back in Spain? Seems shady. Eleanor is like, “So you mean to tell me, Max somehow managed to murder two people and convince a whole slew of pirates that an actual fortune was missing?” Mapleton knows it sounds insane but Jack Rackham’s ship is being emptied onto the beach as they speak. Mapleton thinks Max and her crew are going to get the gold to themselves, and if they have the gold, Eleanor can kiss her dreams of a self-governed Nassau goodbye. Mrs. Mapleton doesn’t want that, she wants what Eleanor wants, and therefore wants Eleanor to stop Max.

Black Sails 208-4

On Flint’s ship, Silver is telling a story with flourish and fervor, and Mr. Scott tells Billy that if Silver ever realizes the power he wields, the power of a talented storyteller, that they’re all in trouble. After the story, one of Silver’s watchmen is giggling in the corner and Silver gives them the ol’ what for, telling them they need to up their poker face game or they’re going to ruin everything.

Below deck, Abigail asks about Billy, who seems a little less rough around the edges compared to his shipmates, and Flint tells Abigail a story about how a young Billy was kidnapped as a child, and when Flint and his crew saved him, he killed his captors and couldn’t go home again and face his parents. I don’t actually know what the point of telling Abigail that story was except to scare her away from trusting anyone, but I’m sure it will be relevant again someday.