Kelly Brook’s Four Hottest Moments on TV and Film

We are all eagerly anticipating the premiere of One Big Happy, the new comedy produced by Ellen DeGeneres and written/created by our beloved Liz Feldman. We all know Elisha Cuthbert, who plays the lesbian lead Lizzy, but you may not be as familiar with model Kelly Brook, who plays Prudence, the woman in love with Lizzy’s BFF Luke.

As part of an ongoing commitment to bringing you beautiful brunettes with accents, here is a list of some of Kelly Brook’s best on-screen moments so far.

Jemima on “Skinskellyskins

Kelly appeared in a cameo in Season 5 of Skins, playing Mini’s fitness trainer. She wears the shiniest pair of leggings ever, and yells encouragement to her class. Remember the American version of Skins? #Disappointing.

Danni on “Piranha 3Dkellypiranha

Kelly played a porn star in Piranha 3D. I don’t know what’s going on with her, but I am VERY worried that she’s wearing high heels on a boat. It’s hard to get away from piranhas when you have a twisted ankle. You’ve been warned.

Victoria on “Smallville”kellysmallville

Fans of Smallville may remember Kelly from Season 1, where she played Victoria Hardwick, who seduced Lex Luthor in order to gain control of his company. Unfortunately, she was no match for the dastardly Lex, who turned the tables on her and took control of her family’s business.

Linda on “Romy and Michele: In the Beginning”Poster_of_the_movie_Romy_and_Michele-_In_the_Beginning

Despite being a diehard fan of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, I have never seen this ABC Family prequel. But Kelly Brook plays a character named Linda Fashiobella, whose name I am now stealing and using as my own. Also, Paula Abdul is in this movie. I would watch it right now, but it’s only available on YouTube and is grainy as hell.

 One Big Happy premieres on Tuesday, March 17 on NBC at 9:30PST.