Jane Lynch gets ready to “Party Down”

Jane Lynch is one busy lesbian.

Earlier this week, StuntDouble told us about Lynch’s upcoming role as a cheerleader coach on Fox’s new series, Glee. (Take a moment to picture Lynch as a cheerleading coach. Ready? O-K!)

She’s also been working on several movies and practicing Joyce Wischnia’s signature wink/tongue click for the final season of The L Word.

Now she’s signed on for yet another comedy series, Party Down, on Starz. The new original series stars Paul Rudd as a caterer; Lynch is part of the catering team.

From the press release:

Each episode of this half-hour comedy finds the hapless catering team working on a new event — and inevitably getting tangled up with the colorful guests and their absurd lives.

Ensemble comedies like Party Down are a Lynch specialty; she is funniest when she plays off of other characters. Of course, the success of such shows depends on whether the ensemble works well together. The good news is that the series creator and producer is Rob Thomas, who created Veronica Mars. Thomas definitely has an eye for casting.

Lizzy Caplan also stars. I hope we see more Janis Ian and less Amy Burley from Caplan in this role.

Party Down airs in March.