“The Fosters” recap (2.20): Tea Drinker

Callie and the mom are meeting with Callie’s social worker. Everything is rosy until the social worker asks Callie when she started taking out credit cards. Someone has run about 24 grand in debt in Callie’s name and she will never get emancipated with that hanging over her head. Stef assures Callie that she can get to the bottom of it. She’s a cop after all and this is what she does (when she’s not busy pulling a Stef).

Lena and Monty are chit-chatting about Connor’s dad forbidding Jude to hang out with his son. They are interrupted by the STEM teacher bringing Monty coffee. Lena is a little offended that he never brings her coffee and Monty says, “Aren’t you really more of a tea drinker?” If by “tea drinker” you mean lesbian, yes she is and you back off with your flirty looks!

Mariana is putting the dance team through their paces. Emma and the rest of the team are looking fantastic, this is going to be the best Jingle Bell Rock, ever! The wrestling team walks into the gym and some meathead who looks a bit like Sean from Pretty Little Liars makes a crack about Emma and Jesús tells him to shove it.

Callie is volunteering at the center and Raphael is trying to make her feel better by telling her horror stories about people having their identities stolen. “Yeah, this buddy of mine became a zombie and starting eating people’s brains. Wait, sorry, am I freaking you out?” Callie sees Sarah walk in (quick reminder: Sarah was the girl living in the house with rapist Liam). Callie asks Raphael to help Sarah instead since she hates Callie’s guts.

Fosters 2203Mike, stop asking! There is no fanfic about the two of us.

Stef is getting shit done down at the precinct. She is even wearing her glasses so we know she’s serious. Mike wants to talk to her about Ana moving into her own place but Stef just tells him to stop trying to control everything all the time. Pot, I’d like you to meet Kettle.

Mariana is driving Miss Daisy in the parking lot. Brandon, of course, is Miss Daisy. She tells him that the manual suggests that nine and three are the proper hand positions and that she has memorized and will be following all the rules. He wants to go home but she has other plans. It’s time to visit the grandparents and play postal worker. They roll up to the Gutierrez’s bakery ready to deliver Ana’s letter. Grandpa offers them some pan dulce and listens as Mariana tries to explain who she is. When Grandma appears he says the kids are there looking for jobs but will be leaving now.

Fosters 2204If I eat the bread, can I stay?