“The Fosters” recap (2.20): Tea Drinker

Sarah and Callie are having a super awkward chat at the foster kid center. When Sarah walks away, Callie notices that she has terrible taste in handbags. Sarah comes back to find that her ugly bag is missing. Callie has it in the bathroom and lookee here! Sarah’s wallet is just filled with fake IDs and credit cards with Callie’s name on them. Any chance Brandon and Vico made that ID?

Mariana opens the letter the Gutierrezes refused to read. She pops it in her pocket and heads out the door. She runs into Emma who has come over to tutor Jesús. Emma hopes Mariana is okay with her leaving the dance team even though it mean they don’t have enough dancers to compete. Mariana has a plan. She and Emma are going to change the rules. Emma can be on the dance team, because it’s clear she loves it, and she can prove she’s the best damn coder around. Mariana doesn’t have time for outdated rules, people. Plot twist: her birth mom is actually Peggy Carter.

Turns out Lena was right, STEM teacher did want to go out with Monty. Monty declined and tells Lena that maybe she should try dating women. Pardon me while I put my eyeballs back in. Rolling them that hard can be dangerous. Lena says women aren’t any easier. Her wife, for example, refuses to talk to her and now they are adopting a baby and who knows if that’s the right choice and…Lena, honey, last week you and Stef talked about how you would stop processing your shit with your boss. Stop pulling a Stef, Lena!

Fosters 2208Tell me more about how you and Stef had sex on this couch.

Mariana goes back to the bakery and demands to be heard. Her grandmother comes out and says she looks just like Ana before all the drugs. When they sit down to talk Mariana learns that her grandparents didn’t know about her or Jesús until after it was too late. Ana was afraid they would take the twins and when they asked her about it she said she didn’t want the twins to grow up with her parents. Mariana tells them about the baby and that she and Jesús have a great family but she worries about the baby. Before he leaves she thanks them for the Christmas presents (Grandpa was the one who made the signs for them).

Stef rolls up to buy a handbag and the guy selling them out of the back of his car is none other than Liam. I’m assuming this is Andrew’s twin brother and he is stealing purses to help finance Andrew’s exploits as A. Stef recognizes him immediately, but holds it together. He doesn’t seem to know who she is though. Oh man, you’re going down buddy. She pays for the bag, tells Liam she’s Callie’s mom, and then when Liam tries to run Mike steps out to stop him.