“The Fosters” recap (2.20): Tea Drinker

Judicorn is sitting on his bed when his phone dings. It’s a text from Taylor but it’s not really Taylor, it’s Connor. He didn’t tell his dad that all of it was Jude’s idea. He told him something else.

Fosters 2209

It’s the sweetest scene and it all takes place on the screen of an iphone.

Back at the precinct Stef is questioning Liam. Mike says Sarah won’t give up anything on Liam and is ready to take the fall for him. Callie has an idea. A few minutes later Callie is in with Liam and Stef. I’m not sure this is exactly kosher but we’ll go with it. She tells Liam that they found out he did the same thing to Sarah. Once they showed Sarah what a piece of shit he is, she gave him up. And now he’s going away for a long, long time. 

Fosters 22010Law & Order: SVU Junior Edition

Brandon calls and leaves Lu a message apologizing for making her feel like he had sex with her and then dumped her. He doesn’t want to break up and he wasn’t trying to be a dick he just wants to be a pianist. Mariana walks in and he says he’s just so proud of her for helping that baby. Well, if she’s got your blessing. This guy!

Stef walks into the courtyard outside a sketchy motel. She knocks on Ana’s door and offers her the vitamins. Turns out Mike was playing Stef. Ana has prescription vitamins. But Stef takes one look at that place and packs Ana up. You’re coming home with me, Ana. Looks like neither Stef nor Lena can bear to leave a stray. Stef walks in and tells Lena that maybe now they should tell the kids about adopting the baby. 

Fosters 22011You told me to spice things up. Look at this tub of sex toys!

And here are a few of our favorite #GaydyBunch tweets.


Next week: Monty kisses Lena on her mouth!