“Hollyoaks” update: Do Sarah and Zoe have a fighting chance?

A couple of weeks back, I told you to be on the look out for the upcoming sex scene between frenemies Sarah and Zoe on the UK soap, Hollyoaks Later. AfterEllen.com reader Laura has filled me in on what’s going on with the two, now that the hook-up is over.

It appears that Sarah, the model, is not so thrilled about it having happened. (But that’s not what she said the night before, right Zoe?)

Zoe, who is dating Sarah’s father, offers to move out of the house so that things aren’t so weird (and quite possibly so her boyfriend/Sarah’s dad doesn’t ask what the hell is going on). Sarah, meanwhile, has a dream about Zoe, which confuses her further and, to prove to herself she’s not a lesbian, she goes out to the bar and throws herself at a guy.

The lucky man, however, ends up being Zoe’s brother, Archie. Needless to say, she’s more than a little embarrassed, and takes it out on Zoe for not warning her. They get into an argument, and both women agree to get over what happened and get on with their lives.

Easier said than done.

Something told me that wouldn’t stick. You don’t just have a lesbian fling and “get over it,” especially if you are dreaming about the woman days afterward. Hollyoaks producer, Bryan Kirkwood, recently hinted in an interview that we have only more Zoe and Sarah to look forward to in the new year, and it will definitely include some more heartache and confusion (just how the soap fans like ’em).

Next year gets off with a bang as we blow Sarah and Zoe’s late-night liaison out of the water. There was always a danger with that story that we’d re-tread the same ground that we did with John Paul and Craig. So we decided to play it completely differently. We started with a sexual encounter, which surprised everyone including the characters, and then we’ll work in a completely different direction.

This one’s a story about Sarah. Long has both Loui [Bately, who plays Sarah] and Sarah faced the criticism that she’s there to react to everyone’s situations, so 2009 will be the year where we see what she’s capable of. She’s an outstanding actress and it’s about time that she had a storyline that puts her into focus. A girl who’s always borne the brunt of other men’s’ decision-making and treatment of her is now a lost and slightly embittered girl who doesn’t know her own mind. 2009 will see Sarah making her own decisions and taking control. I can’t wait to see it.

Hopefully this “taking control” business has to do with figuring out that throwing yourself at the first dude you see at a bar is not the way to de-gay yourself. Then, Sarah will surely find out de-gaying is just not possible. As for Zoe, she doesn’t seem like the type of woman to give up without a fight. Will she be going after Sarah, or will she stick with her old man? Any predictions, Hollyoaks fans?