“Glee” recap (6.13): Goodbye, Glee (Part 2)

And so we have come to the end. I’d like to start out with something that Will’s beloved glee coach, Lilian Adler, once told them.

“Glee isn’t about competition. It’s about something deeper. Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”

How true, Lilian. This is something that has inspired Will throughout the years, and these are the words that carry him through another win at Nationals with the newbies.

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When Will arrives back at Lima, Superintendent Harris has big news for him: McKinley is being turned into a fine arts high school, and Will has been chosen to be its principal. He’s dumbfounded. I mean, who can blame him? Just a year earlier, the school had no arts whatsoever.

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We zip ahead three months to Will’s first day, and Emma is packing their lunches in Wonder Woman and Superman lunch boxes. It’s adorable. For the first time, Will doesn’t have to worry about how the glee club will survive or that someone will try to destroy him; now it will only thrive. There is even a daycare set up at the school. When he tells Emma that he’s worried he won’t be a great administrator, Emma, who has been by his side one way or another since the beginning, tells him that is bunk. Everything is coming up roses, kid.

Will shows up to a full choir room of fresh-faced students. Even Rachel, Mercedes, Blaine, Kurt, Artie, Tina and Sam are there to welcome the new kids. Will announces that there will be numerous glee clubs from now on, and he’s bringing back the Troubletones! I wonder what Shelby Cocoran is up to? One other thing: Will’s no longer going to be teaching any of the clubs. This, I’m sure, was no easy decision on Will’s part. He whips out his ukulele and dedicates a song to all the students he’s had before, and the memories he will always cherish. (The new kids must be like, WTF?). He plays “Teach Your Children Well” by Crosby, Still, Nash and Young. During this song, the cast of Glee stars to cry, as this is a true goodbye for them. Lea, Darren, Chris, all of them have tears in their eyes, and trembling chins. Okay, so do I. It’s a truly beautiful moment.

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In the locker room, Sam is busy taking care of his balls. (He’s inflating footballs, okay?) Blaine comes in to check on him, and try to convince him that he should come back to NYC now that the sports program has been eliminated. Sam appreciates his friend’s concern, but he’s actually got something lined up and Lima is where his heart is. Guess what it is, guys! Guess! He’s the new coach for the New Directions! Yes, I also have concerns that he is unqualified, but so was Finn, and he found a way to rise above. What Sam lacks in experience, he makes up for in exuberance. I’m glad Sam gets his happy ending, too. The guy grew on me.

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In the auditorium, there is a tearfest waiting to happen. Mercedes has big news for her friends: She’s the new opening act for Beyonce, and that means no more Lima Express. This is goodbye for a long while. She knows she can’t handle a teary, huggy, soggy goodbye. Mercedes Jones knows how to make an exit, and she plans to do hers in song. She sings “Someday We’ll Be Together” by Diana Ross and the Supremes, which invokes a lot of tears from her friends, and us. Amber Riley is a true talent. She managed to bring passion and gusto to every song she ever sang on Glee, yet did it with an ease that most singers could only dream of. This is a fitting send off for her. So Mercedes leaves with a wave and a kiss, and walks out the auditorium door. 

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