Kristin Chenoweth declared “Legally Mad”

In the category of “Mixed Feelings” comes news that Kristin Chenoweth will star in David E. Kelley’s new NBC drama, Legally Mad.

That means that I actually have to accept the fact that Pushing Daisies is no more. I will miss you dearly, Pie Hole gang.

Legally Mad is, well, a legal drama about a woman who joins her father’s Chicago law practice. Chenoweth plays Skippy Pylon, “a brilliant but not entirely well attorney who is relentlessly cheerful with flashes of psychosis and often is mistaken for a teenager.” I think I dated her.

Kelley promises that his new show will feature a “cauldron of eccentric characters,” with more comedy than his previous shows. Eccentric is a Kelley specialty; quirky characters abound in Kelley creations Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, Picket Fences and L.A. Law. Beauty apparently is another specialty; it abounds in his lovely wife, Michelle Pfeiffer.

Chenoweth has not exactly been taking it easy, even without Pushing Daisies. She just released a holiday CD, performed in TNT’s Christmas in Washington, will appear on CBS’s Home for the Holidays tonight and is making the rounds to promote her movie Four Christmases.

Of course, the more Kristin Chenoweth we see, the better. I think she will make a very cute psychotic lawyer, don’t you? Let’s just hope her character is prone to breaking out in song now and then.

Does Legally Mad sound like your cup of quirky TV?