Morning Brew – Gillian Anderson returning for more “X-Files”

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Still reeling from last night’s Pretty Little Liars? Marlene King offers up some answers.

Taryn Manning says she’s learned “a lot” from her LGBT castmates on Orange is the New Black:

“I have seen a shift in morale, in a sense, with gay rights finally coming together and people who truly love each other can now find that union and be married. It is really quite profound. It is time.”

2015 Wizard World Comic Con Fan Fest Chicago - Day 1

Margarita Without a Straw star Kalki Koechlin said it was a little awkward to film her love scenes with female co-star Sayani Gupta.

“…the actual moment of physical contact was uncomfortable. For the first two takes I was ‘acting’. Then Shonali made us sit and talk and slowly I began to feel like [my character] Laila.”

The Guardian writes about the BFI Flare Festival’s panel, “Where are the lesbians?” which is about the lack of queer women in film and TV. (Definitely film!) And you can also watch some of the shorts from the festival online.

Gillian Anderson is reprising her famous role in six all-new episodes of The X-Files. Can you believe it!? Oh yeah, David Duchovny, too.


Looking for a bad ass women’s festival to go to this year? Check out GirlBlitz in Northampton, Massachusetts on April 18. Uh Huh Her, Antigone Rising and Melissa Ferrick are among the performers.

Slate explains genderqueer.

Stylelite wonders if the androgynous fashion trend is “butch appropriation.”

Related: Elle interviewed Fran Lebowitz about personal style and I am totally jealous.

IndieWire is slowly revealing their 15 Best LGBT Characters on Television and Faking It’s Amy is #14.

The Gay Sweater is made out of the hair of gay people, inspired by the use of “gay” as an insult.

Fresh Romance looks like a comic magazine you would enjoy.

A tiny bit NSFW but in case you want to see Cara Delevingne in a state of undress

A woman writes about being part of a polyamorous family and her “platonic wife” at OffBeat Home.

At MTV: 7 Things Porn Won’t Teach You About Bisexual Woman. I’m hoping people aren’t getting their bisexual education from porn, anyway. Just saying.

A new film called Point Dume  follows three women who decide to live off the grid together. Out director Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik says he’s a little worried people won’t like that a man directed the film, which has a sapphic sex scenes:

“Fags and lesbians have so much in common, but also have so much distance from each other. As a queer guy who’s very in touch with my femininity, there’s something interesting about representing lesbian sexuality. But it’s also fraught with the danger of falling into the male gaze, even if it’s being done by a male gay.”

Fair enough, but I still want to see this.

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